Change horde map rotation please TC

Security, raven down, impact dark, avalanche, the slab, fuel depot and diner over and over and over come on it’s June new maps please.


It clearly works differently for most people as I always get Mercy and Glory with a ridiculous rate. I don’t mind most maps but those two are the equivalent of 30 emblems in 35 packs “feeling”.

So yeah, TC please change/fix/get rid of Horde map rotation.

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Agree! All those maps listed are repeated always. I just want old town, checkout… Something!


I even bought old town a month ago just to see if it would come up and not once has it appeared.

I’ve been playing Horde on a regular basis since June last year and NOT ONCE I’ve seen Old Town in public horde. Same as Gridlock, Lift, Speyer and Checkout.

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We had 2 fun games this night, along Ektope and Hug3 Nu3e.

You should join us tomorrow, we’re gonna try these long forgotten maps!

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In order of rarity from never played to mostly played, for me:

  1. Lift (Never played on Public).
  2. Checkout (Never beat to Wave 50, maybe once but hard to remember).
  3. Old Town.
  4. Speyer.
  5. Gridlock.

Totally. Let’s do old Town. I forgot it was even in the game lol.

@Junglist_Shoota join us for some locust slaughter :wink:

Now that Blood Drive is ruined and unplayable due to spawns all over the map you would think they would take it out of the rotation. I enjoy playing Old Town, Checkout, Speyer, Gridlock, and War Machine. Come on Coalition!

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The map rotation cannot be changed, as all of the maps are already in rotation.

You are probably unlucky, I keep on getting Fuel Depot and Avalanche. Its just luck.

Haven’t had checkout, lift,war machine,old town and Speyer for so long I can’t remember.
Its fuel depot,security.reclaimed,the slab and harbour I seem to get a lot of just lately.

Luck really then everyone else is as unlucky as well no one I know has played checkout, speyer, war machine or old town in over 6 months.

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Prove it.

I’ve had Checkout, Speyer and Old Town in the past 6 months, and I haven’t played the game to a huge extent.

Luck. Yes.

What about last 3 months?
Those may have been way back, but I never got those Maps ever since account creation.

I agree completely!! This has been an issue for almost a year now and obviously TC just doesn’t care or think it is important. I still enjoy playing this game, but I certainly do NOT want to play the same DAM map over and over. There are only so many ways a base can be setup on one map… I haven’t played those maps you listed in MONTHS. That’s not a map rotation!!

I’ve done it over two accounts, this one and my Brother’s. My Brother has a substantially lower play time compared to mine, but still, it helps having a different account to monitor the difference.

In the past 3 months, I have had Impact Dark, Avalanche, The Slab, Mercy, Forge Blitz, Glory, Clocktower, Raven Down, Dam, Hotel and Speyer. There could be more, but that is what I have from memory and from screenshots of both of our accounts.

Considering that I don’t play as much as I used to, and I have 11 maps here I know I have played on in the past 3 months, add in Diner, Old Town ( I got this map a lot in the few months after this released, and Diner not so much), Gridlock has come up a few times in the past, and I have played a public game on Lift, on Normal, on public, and we got annihilated, and it was only on wave 20 something, but that was before Level 6 skill cards, and before I had levelled my Heavy class up.

Even with the new update relic, glory, security and impact over and over

For in horde I have gotten the Relic, harbor haze and the normal harbor, the slab, dam (which is rare still), raven down, forge blitz, canals, hotel, diner, clocktower, both lifts that is about it and this has been for many months i haven’t seen much else. The ones i get most is forge blitz and The slab. I did get a few other ones like avalache etc but that was like once. War Machine i have never seen I dont think in a year or gridlock or checkout or even old town those ones never have been there for me atleast.