Change gameplay style of gears 5 to style of play in gears 1

Hello i am a big fan of gear of war 1
The gameplay style after gears 1 got horrible
Why would u people want this horrible style of play in gears 5 instead of gears 1 style of play?
Gears 1 style of play is why gears got big and famous
Change gears 5 style of play to gears 1 style
Why dont u people understand this nobody want this gross thing u people have in gears 5

I guess when nobody said anything till now then they thought it was alright. :laughing:

Why is nobody saying anything
I am so pissed of gears 5 gameplay style is terrible we want gears 1 style of play back

@Wakyl_Hakymzada First and Foremost-Gesrs 1 blew up bc of just that. It was brand new. And different. And awesome. Period. I really dont even understand what people mean when they say things like “make the game more like Gears 1 or Gears 3” or… blah blah blah…Its the nostalgia that you miss homie. You were15 years younger. Multiplayer was a new thing. Online multiplayer was blossoming. People wore their dopamine receptors out popping heads. Tons of your friends played.
But all games have to progress. Do you want to get rid of online servers and go back to “host with host advantage”? I dont. Do you really want characters that roadie run like they are both constipated and diarrheal and have a broken back at the same time? Cause I dont. I know you dont want to get rid of wall canceling? Please say you dont want that. Do you wanna go back to playing execution dominantly? Bc I dont. I like koth with respawns. I have fun with ffa. I do think guardian should be a ranked mode again instead of tdm. Tdm should be the casual mode. Its a mode for goober smoochers(peanut kissers).
I guess I must be deranged(my favorite Doc Holiday quote), but I actually have a lot of fun with 5. Is it perfect? No. But its waaay betfer than anything else. Horde is the best version of Horde yet. I would like to see Gold Rush make an appearance though in 5. Like that map a lot. That part of Gears 1,can come back.

Bro i dont care about anything else i am only talking about the gameplay wall cancelling ya no dats not important
Gears 5 stylr of play is absolute trash
They need to bring back gears 1 style of play even the ultimate edition got ruined its not like gears 1 more like the reat of gears games trash

Besides the change in aiming to avoid backpacking (bullets come out from the barrel and into the middle of the screen, which probably makes it weaker in certain angles), the game plays exactly like Gears 1.

Just play gears 1 then.


I don’t think Gears 1 was properly built off of and here’s why. Several things which made the multiplayer special, making it stand out more from other games.

Custom public matchmaking. I’m not saying we 100% have to have custom matchmaking. And yes Gears 5 has public custom games but it’s not the same or done correctly. And it can’t be special if you have it alongside the broken matchmaking system we have been running for the last 2, possibly more Gears games. Players liked to play with weapon swaps on, with changes to different variables. You actually forged rapport with new players online. And people loved ranked 19 rounds of raven down.

Even comparing to today’s matchmaking – today’s is nothing special. Most games have lopsided teams and players quitting mid game. Ranked in both gears 4 and 5 is unplayable for me with regular quitters.

It’s not only nostalgia, it is the combination of many things. There was a simplicity. Even the aesthetic of gears 1 is nothing like what we have today, A weapon doesn’t feel powerful or cool to use, or there are too many weapons. Gears 1 had less delays in shooting, blind firing. It had some random spreads. This is a game changer because it adds a bit of surprise. And, you can manipulate a random spread. If you miss, it’s like missing with a different spread, really, to me, because you are not getting your aim and shot perfect. Even in a modern day shooter like Warzone, there are impactful elements of surprise. Gears used to be fun and ridiculous. The random spread in Gears 1 made gnasher battles more interesting. Moving on, I would even add the sniper to the list. I think it might be the coolest sniper we’ve had. There somehow became a meta where, on canals for example you can crouch in cover on the bridge yet aim across the map at another bridge.

They literally started changing everything in gears 2 and onwards. Each game, different mechanics. What is going on now? When, in the beginning gears 1 was a simple, popular game, with proper gore and horror? It’s just not the same anymore. And it is the cartoony animations even with the lack of gore, the over doing it with all of the weapons and gimmicks. Caring more about finding new weapons for new players to get kills with. Gears 1 not perfect – takes too long to get up onto something, some other things. Active sniper down was bad. The lag and host and all that, it was 2006. Despite these nuisances, all these things I have mentioned in this long post are some of what I remember liking about the same ,

I’m not against wall canceling and new things but don’t just upend the entire friggin thing when it was popular. I think the thing is they are focused on non-multiplayer things. It is what it is. The smartest thing they could do is to build properly off gears 1 imo. If they released the same game, upgraded everything, that would have been a useful upgrade. I would also add that the fun factor has been so lost on gears. Replace the boomshot with the booshka. Bring back the digger. Remove a few other obsolete weapons. Bring back the breechshot to compete with the snipers. All weapons which are fun.

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