Change Dom's voice volume now

Okay so it’s pretty awesome to finally have Gears 5 to what it should’ve been at launch. But one thing that really bugs me is all the expressions with Dom. Compared to yeah… any other character the volume of his voice is yes, pretty damn low.

And before disregarding this as, ‘‘Oh well turn up the volume dude !’’. Dom’s expression voice is lower than the voice you can here when he talks to like Baird or Marcus on the battlefield. Or any other character when using their expression /taunt voice So a little fixer upper there thanks ! (^___^)///


Or maybe Dom is a shy guy!? :thinking:

Unfortunately, Dom’s dialogue some of the most lackluster in Gears 5. I was incredibly disappointed when I first skimmed through his expressions. Not even his in-game dialogue is the same such as his iconic “Sup ■■■■■■■!” line.

I’m not convinced at this point that it was even the same voice actor and it would be really upsetting if it wasn’t. Even so, there is no reason not to carry the same in-game dialogue from Gears 4. That aside, the expressions would need to be recorded. Currently the lines are incredibly quiet and can’t be heard over other characters or action. They are also for the most part very brief and almost seem like they’re sped up compared to other characters’ dialogue. Generally they lack any sort of emotion which makes me wonder if Carlos Ferro even did the voice acting.

As I said before, bring back Gears 4 in-game dialogue and do some clean-up on the expressions. Perhaps re-record a few of them considering the quality.

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Gears 4 Dom was flatly loud and uninspired. I’d rather not have to hear him say “READY TO GO!” or “THIS IS MY KIND OF FUN!” ever again. At least now we can hear his classic dialogue more often.

Though might this pandemic have something to do with it? I’m not sure how voice acting works right now, but I have to imagine it has impacted the process, somehow. …

Gears 4 dialogue was more reminiscent of Gears of War 3. If you like Dom’s voice acting in this one you simply don’t like the character because you can’t hardly f***ing hear him. lol.

I considered the same thing. Perhaps they couldn’t get into the normal sound stage or maybe they used someone in-house rather than Carlos Ferro. Honestly, the voice-acting straight up does not sound the same. Sort of cringe-inducing when you are used to the standard voice.

Except it isn’t. In the Gears Trilogy, he sounded like an actual character. He had lines that made him sound human. In Gears 4, he sounded like a generic soldier. Funny you say that you can barely hear him now, when most of his dialogue is Gears 3-4 voice lines.

Seriously, I’d rather hear “I can do that all night long!” or “Sup, b*tches!” instead of “READY TO GO!” or “THIS is my idea of fun!”

If you never heard Dom say “Sup ■■■■■■■!” in Gears 4 I’d argue that you didn’t play the character enough. Although the trigger for the line is different than in Gears 3. at the 1:00 mark.

After watching a YouTube video about the unique Delta squad lines I’m convinced it’s a volume thing like OP claimed.

Though the “Sup ■■■■■■■!” line in this one does not sound the same. I haven’t seen anyone compile his lines yet or I’d post it.

I never said he didn’t have classic voice lines. I’m referring to the Gears 4 lines specifically, and why I don’t want TC to just throw the Gears 4 lines in this game.

I know full well he has classic dialogue in Gears 4. I spend too much time in private matches listening to dialogue. It’s why I know he’s missing his Cryo Cannon and Breaker Mace voice lines. I made a thread on it, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious no one cares. Except TC Robbo.

Back in Gears 3, Epic had his VA re-record the “Sup, b*tches!” line. In Gears 4, he uses the Gears 3 version for headshots, and the Gears 1 version for Torque Bow tags. In Gears 5, it seems like he uses the Gears 1 version again.

On a side note I hate that his emotes are uninspired.

It’s the worst when the character actually says what the emote title card reads as. I feel when they put their own spin on it, it gives character

Dom has
“Sup.” For the hello expression and “I owe you, man.” For the Thanks and those are both great, but that’s where the uniqueness stops really. Also he says I owe you man at the volume of a whisper.

If possible please get Carlos back in the studio to give Dom some more fitting lines @mjrdecision


Ben Carmine might have the most unique expressions out of the whole cast. With Gary being a close second.

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Yea which is really good. Weird how Doms are such a downgrade from the Carmines

Yeah it’s definitely a different voice actor. But don’t know why you guys keep clamoring for old characters to come back anyway though. You had to know this would eventually happen. They can’t keep hiring on the voice actors from the old games just to say a few multiplayer lines over and over again.

Turn down the COG-Gear while you’re at it.

I doubt Carlos Ferro would tweet this if he wasn’t involved.

Yeah he’s listed on Gears 5’s IMDB page so I’d agree that he did the acting on it. Regardless of how we feel about Gears 4’s voice-acting I think we can agree that something is currently off with Dom’s voice in Gears 5. Whether it’s too quiet or was recorded differently.

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