Chances of JD turning locust/swarm?

What if JD turns into a swarm? Could it be possible that perhaps at some point JD will play a bigger role in becoming one of the swarm and betraying humanity? Can it be possible that kaits story is but a distraction in making you think she will possibly become queen but rather maybe it’s JD that will assume the role of KING!?

lol just a crazy theory that occurred to me, far from true but who knows?

If that happens, I will delete Gears 5 and never play it again for 5 whole minutes before re-downloading and carrying on :+1:


I don’t think they turn into Swarm like that, unless been in pods.


Yeah I think that’s the only way someone can transform, who knows, we have seen pounced quills take over Jinn’s DeeBee and even in the story trailer for Gears 5 DeeBees being taken over, but we don’t even know if his arm injury has any relation to the swarm yet.

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I might give the pods a try and see what happens :raised_hands:

If it’s an infection type transformation, that could still make him turn that way too :+1:

For all we know it could even be a serious burn that happen recently and he has the tech strapped to his arm to stabilise the pain.

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Could be all kinds of crazy.

He looks badass now though. Despite whatever in hell happened to him.

Who? Zombie Dom?

Edit: You mean JD?

No I’m talking about JD.

I thought so.

I don’t like overweight JD.

His face too fat.

He doesn’t look overweight at all it’s just his beard :thinking:

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Idk to me he does.

Maybe the beard is hiding his jawline.

Most likely lol, I don’t think JD would let himself go that easily and the only ‘overweight’ character I can think off is Oscar.

Yeah, plus he needs to stay in shape or else Del will swoop in and steal Kait :speak_no_evil:

By the look of their relationship in the trailer looks like JD has already lost his chance.

Maybe Kait is just trying before she buying :face_with_monocle:

JD for Swarm King.

Makes sense.

Kait Swarm Queen and JD Swarm King.

Well that’s solved the story for Gears 5.