Challenges, Medals, Tours

So, I’m confused with these yours and medals… It says we only have a few days left to complete them.

Which if this is true. This stuff is ridiculous. I have a full time job. But, I’ve played the hell out of this game… I’ve already Re-up’d and am around level 30 now and I still haven’t completed a category for the customization reward. And I am a completionist. I want everything I can get.

And I love Gears, played every single one in depth. But, at this point with the amount of grinding it’s starting to feel like a chore. I want to play other games with friends or enjoy the game. Enjoy my time with it. But, to get a single reward you have to put in so much time and it just feels wasted honestly.

I have a job already, I don’t want another one working for petty rewards in a game. Please fix this. It’s a bit ridiculous Coalition. I love the game and I do want the rewards. But, the way this is set up and with the amounts it seems pointless. I won’t even be able to get a reward at this rate for one category and I’ve been grinding like a MF.

You have 3 months

It literally says that there’s 3 or 4 days left in the medals menu.

It’s a mistake, the tours last 3 months at a time. Even still it’s going to be hard for me to unlock a lot of the stuff as I just don’t have the time

It is actually not a mistake (I also thought it was) but in yesterday what’s up they mentioned people “are having trouble reading it” and it actually shows the days left regarding leaderboards and such, I’m guessing they are related to Escape and it’s weekly challenge hives.

To OP, Tour of Duty Operation 1 will be available until December (no exact date announced but expect it to be aligned with the release date).

The time left relates to awards being given out for leaderboard and ranknig placement.

It is poorly displayed and TC plans to fix this with a patch.