Challenge waves vs energy taps

I recently reinstalled gears of war 4 and played some horde and I remembered that 4 had challenge waves that would give you extra power and weapons if you completed them. I guess my question is do you prefer energy taps or wish that 6 brings back the challenges?

I would like to have both.


Taps are amazing because they encourage players to build bases in different areas. I really don’t wanna get rid of the idea of taps because they work so well. It was hard to adjust to not having a scout at first but this is definitely better. Makes playing engineer slightly more exciting lol.

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I prefer taps. Since they were buffed they have changed the gameplay far more than the objectives that were given. The objectives did not have much variety (there were only 5/6 or something like that) and the rewards were not worth it most of the time.

The crates gave a random weapon/grenades/ammo which meant they were either brilliant or rubbish. Plus in many public lobbies people wouldn’t touch them. They would usually be left until wave 50 when someone would open them all.

If objectives were to return, I think the rewards should be better, and the objectives be more varied, or maybe introduce random waves where a certain set of enemies come out for a set reward.


Taps forever