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Challenge Completed But Skin Not Unlocked

I have completed the challenge for the Gilded Scion skin but it has not been added to my account, I had the message pop up on my main menu and everything but still nothing, also it has been a few days so I have given it some time.

Try hard resting your console

On PC but thanks for the reply bud.

Yeah I’ve had a problem for Esports Kait for about 4hrs now and still only have 1/60 mintues

How come i still dont have my esports kait challenge done i completed the matches have the checkmark for that but when i watched esports on sunday it didnt give me the first checkmark. is it just delayed? what do i do lol freaking out a little scared i wont get my fav skin so far

Please leave it with Grexoz in the official thread for these issues.