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Chainsawing horde rejects

I’ve been giving Gears 5 horde a chance, and I admit I wasn’t a fan at first, but it’s growing on me. The character roster is very lacking right now, yeah, but I like playing as Fahz and Marcus. Fahz is the perfect choice for PC players as he’s a pompous ■■■ and requires the best aim you can get by using a mouse. Chainsawing as Marcus is just f’n awesome, as usual. The voiceover says “I could do that all day,” and I really could. The raging scream from John DiMaggio’s bass voice is the ■■■■! RAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

A lot of people like playing as an engineer, but not enough people have the Halo engineer it seems because they leave a lot. Double engi games are quite nice, though. I don’t like Sarah Connor, she’s basically a walking advertisement to me, and I’m not a gnasher fan.

I don’t think it’s as bad as people are making it out to be on these forums. The weapon and fabricator restrictions are not that bad. It’s hard to find the weapon you want sometimes, but honestly the weapons that will save your ■■■ are the heavy ones. You can ask people to buy you a lancer and trade. Encourages communication, I guess.

At higher difficulties most people play pretty good. It needs an expanded roster ASAP, which I’m sure they are working on. I haven’t played any versus yet, so I can’t comment on that. I’d probably enjoy it as well because as I said I’m not a gnasher fan.

Also, I will never spend a penny on microtransactions, but I guess I will be paying the gamepass subscription, so they win there, for what it’s worth.

Also, the Halo character says “That one’s for Reach.” I’ve never played Halo besides the first one, so I was wondering what she means by that, if anyone cares to enlighten me.

That’s my feedback on horde mode so far. Thanks for reading.

It might be Kat, as I’ve never heard Emile say this yet. But about your question… Reach, in the Halo lore, is a planet that was glassed by the Covenant, one of or the last major human stronghold in space, besides Earth itself. Kat was one of the Spartan IIIs of Noble Team who died attempting to defend the planet against the Covenant assault. You’d have to have played Halo Reach to know more of the character, but if Reach was all that interested you, its fall is somewhat more detailed in the book “The Fall of Reach”, albeit a lot of it is also dedicated to the story of John-117 and the other Spartan IIs, who were abducted as children and indoctrinated to be effectively super soldiers to crush a rebellion against the central government in Halo. But since you were only interested in Reach, what I said above should answer your question so I’ll leave that particular matter here.

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Thanks. I appreciate you explaining that. I don’t like being in the dark about things.

I’m enjoying the horde exoerience very much. The classes are assigned to a specific character and to me that is okay. There are also more classes than gears 4 had so that’s a plus. The issues regarding disconnects are almost 100% resolved and that was my main issue with the game. Could use a little more enemy variety for example swarm with pistols, lancers or other weapons though. Like the mutators system in which is the opportunity for us to switch between them. I like this horde also for the fact that the enemy swarm finally doesnt sponge like in gears 4 where they would eat shotguns to the face and nothing happened. At least here you can, although not optimal, use your base/loadout weapons.

The custom horde lobbies are an amazing addition as well. Love the perks and the ultimates which adds another 2 layers to the experience besides the skill cards.

Overall a great experience here

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Eh, i just shoot rejects’ legs off with the gnasher and they’ll selfdestruct. Saves me ammo, especially when i use Kait.

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