Chainsawing and controller remapping

Can there please be a option to remap specific parts of the controller scheme, all I want to do is change the chainsaw from Rb and put it as Hold B like it used to be. I hate the new button for chainsawing because everytime I try to chainsaw and get shot out of it it always tries to reload the gun and then it jams when I let go of the bumper. I know there’s controller remapping where you can change the button input entirely but I only want to change specific aspects of what the button does not change the whole thing. I’m used to it being Rb now since I’ve been playing it since beta but I’m tired of the game thinking I want to reload right after I get shot out of the chainsaw animation so I would love the option to change only the chainsaw to Holding B.



The Chainsaw Massacre Gears among us have been asking since Gears 5 release! It is indeed truly awful. I ma have read they are thinking about it.

I think at the very least we get it back on B for Gears 6.u

I have around 12’500 chainsaw kills in 4, 95% coming in ranked pvp. Never hitting those numbers with rb.


A terrible decision that is still problematic to this day.

TC refuse to even acknowledge the auto-reload glitch when revving is disturbed.



Michael mentioned it in one of the latest dev-streams. They’re working on it.

Wish they would prioritze the decon-rooms but it is what it is. They’re probably never gonna fix / acknowledge that.


Personally I like the chainsaw on rb, but the big of the reload it’s kind of annoying lol

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It will probably never be put back but in old horde if you held the chainsaw button after a kill you would go back into full rev with no chance of being stunned out of it

I have chainsaw / retro mapped to my Y button. Sucks when it comes to having to turn but for the amount I use it - it is worth it.

As a request from day -4, TC says; “No.”

“Deal with it,” -Bryan Cleavage or something.