Chainsaw, Retro Bayonet, Lancer GL don't work anymore (PC)

Did I miss something? My Lancer Chainsaw and Retro Bajonet doesn’t work anymore. I am on PC using mouse & keyboard. It was bounded to the “reload” button. Reload does still work, but when I hold the button to launch the chainsaw, Nothing happens, but reload, when I release the button.
My xbox mate tried it, and it worked like always.

EDIT: Granade Laucher GL grenade aiming doesn’t work, too anymore on the reload keybind. It doesn’t matter if it’s bind to a keyboard or mouse button. Reoload works, Holding button to chainsaw or GL aiming not.

GG Devs. you trashed the game again


Yeah I just tweeted Dana and Octus about this, hopefully it’s something hotfixable.

Amazing what they manage to break with each update.

if they don’t hotfix this TODAY this was the ■■■■■■■ last day I played this piece of software trash. I can’t bear it anymore. This isn’t worth my money and it’s definatly not worth to jangle my nerves. Enough is enough, because we all know, they take weeks or months to “hotfix” something.

Word. How something like this squeaks through quality control is mind boggling. As was such a rough launch to Op 3,…server issues, multiple new bugs, list continues to go on and on. Being a Gears addict, I keep coming back, but it’s a lot of frustration with this “Gears (not of War) 5”

btw, what is with the Lancer GL Grenade aiming? and the cooldown for Tri-Shots, etc. It’s all the same button. Doesn’t this work anymore, too? Can you try this to me? I refuse launching the game, cause it will end with throwing my mouse into the screen.

just here to +1 this sheet… How can this ducking basic GoW game mechanic got shipped in an update, not working at all is amazing.

not surprised though since all their energy was focused on bs gridiron that no one asked for… those ducking god awful sound effects, trying to turn CTF into NFL… good job not shipping anything useful in a useless update.

asking mysefl, if they even adressed the issue, or just ignoring als PC player regards like always.

…still remembering that they needed 4 month to fix bullet magnetism for pc players. Nevermind. in 2 days I’m going to play another game.
Feels good, to leave this behind. 7 month of bugs, anger, raging… I got tired

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The heavy weapon cooldown function still seems to work, it’s only affecting the alt weapon functions on the 3 lancers. Virtually unplayable.

not to piggyback on this thread, but since launch I’ve been unable to bind mouse wheel up/down to weapons in versus only. It worked in gears 4, but in 5 you cannot bind to the mousewheel which is super annoying. They need to fix the pc keybinds for this game.

Do you mean binding mouse wheel up or down to specific weapons? I think default wheel cycles weapons, I could be wrong. I have wheel up and down both set to sniper/snub/etc zoom, wheel click set to melee, left click shoots, right click reloads, two thumb buttons set to weapon pick up and tac-com. I have a dpi button and preset button remapped to lancer and gnasher.

I think there are frame rate issues tied to mouse functions…and malfunctions…anywhere from half a match to 3 matches things get very jittery and the game needs to be restarted.

Was anyone able to fix the alt fire on the three lancers when holding reload button? Default reload key “R” works, but it’s not an option. Any other keybind doesn’t work.

On Xbox, I have an issue when I try to chainsaw and get stunned. After I get stunned, my gun will forcibly reload.

This wasn’t supposed to reply to a specific post, whoops.

Yes, not using the wheel to scroll through weapons but to select either lancer (scroll up) or gnasher (scroll down). For some reason these bindings work in campaign, but as soon as I play horde, versus or escape it no longer works and I have to change them to numbers 2 and 3. Also weird, even though my ult is set to ‘Z’ it still shows as ‘Y’ on the HUD.

Having same problems here. Please fix this asap.

seriously can we have at ETA on this problem if not the fix it self… if it’s a while i rather put this game down till then… i don’t need this torture in PvP

I guess with the next Title Update in 4-6 weeks or so. I dropped the game, too. I’m sick of this trash over and over again.
Next whole week I work the night shift and if they still not fixed it, I’m going to buy Borderlands 3. I wanted to play this anyway.

Yeah pretty ridiculous. I’ve just been playing versus where I don’t usually pick those weapons up but just encountered this bug as well.

It’s not just mouse and keyboard, it also affects the controller as well on PC. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also affects Xbox users as well

still not fixed.

still not fixed.