Chainsaw Duels question

Does anyone know how these really work? I’ve been curious since Gears 3, but never bothered to ask. Do you win because you pushed the button more than the other person, or because there was less time between button pushes? I’m guessing a combination of both should would also be true, otherwise a player who pushed their button faster in the first half of a duel, but not at all at the end, could still win, which doesn’t seem right.

Does having similar times between button each button push make any difference, or is it really as simple as doing it as fast as possible? I must know!

I could be completely wrong here, but from what I recall it’s basically a meter-fill system… i.e. whoever “presses the button and fills the meter faster” wins. I also think that it takes longer when the other person is also pressing the button, hence, if you aren’t pressing anything you will lose almost immediately as opposed to “battling” it out.