Certain skins are not on certain factions but others they are

I’m missing some skins on certain factions but my horde mode skins are still there any ideas? For example I have the syndrome lancer for the cog and horde mode but I don’t see it for the horde

Try searching the forums first before posting. There are plenty of answers


I can give you a straight answer instead of telling you to search the forums. TC changed it to the blue/red, cog/swarm variant.

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Smh you’re enabling the spam

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Theres 5 post like the EVERY day. All these people would have to do is scroll a little bit to find their answers

I agree, but there’s nothing to be done. On the old forums, people didn’t use the search function and this new forums people still dont.

imo, new forum users should not be allowed to post until they first use the forum search at least 25 times.


This is by far the best suggestion I’ve read in a while, lets hope some moderator take note and pass it on the one in charge.


Even though the moderators are a lot worse than on the old forums.