Certain maps look Colourful and Vibrant

With OP7, I noticed certain maps look different. They look more colourful and vibrant.

  • Canals : TC added some new lights (blue and orange). You can see them as soon as you exit the spawn.

  • River : The sky has changed. It looks cloudy. Cloudy, light violet, with the sun rays just piercing through.

  • Exhibit : No change observed.

  • District : No change observed.

I haven’t gone through all the maps. Any changes you all might have observed in other maps?

@SH00BiE_D00 you’re not alone anymore.

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I thought I was going delusional lol.

I haven’t noticed anything tbh, but Shoobie claimed something was different on River.

Are you playing on OSOK? That mode uses the movie filter.


Gotta be this cos they’d state the changes otherwise I’d imagine?

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Yes, I played River and Canals on that game mode.

I played Control on District and Exhibit, and didn’t observe any changes.

Alright, this explains it lol.

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Well… Sometimes the maps look pretty… sketchy!? :grin: