Casual Vs A.I. Bots

Just curious… what part of “casual” is actually in the programming of these bots or this game mode lately?

Not a complaint… but check out the video for a good laugh… (or cry).

Casual Vs. A.I.

This was for my first win of the day on Tues. July 3rd I believe, I recorded it right away but uploaded it a few days later. I’m a Horde player but I play 1 match per day to earn my first win and earn my 200 credits. This was a game of Dodgeball on Impact. I quickly run to get the jump on the enemies and am flat out WASTED. Notice a Swarm Drone picks up the Longshot, he knows EXACTLY when I’m going to make my break after a slight pause and Snipes me with a 63% 1 hit, then his buddy the Swarm Sniper (irony) hits me with a quick 4 bullet blast from his Lancer and I’m FIFO bait in like 0.003 seconds.

I also received the famous Vacu-suck chainsaw treatment shortly thereafter. Not that I really care because the match would have been won regardless… but I’ve noticed lately that Casual Vs A.I. is anything BUT casual.

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Guess what…you can even get kill trades in co op vs AI!


That chainsaw sucks, I’ve just gotten used to rolling backwards if need be. And the auto aim on those boys is insane. I got hit with a headshot by a bot w/ a Longshot while I was rolling. It’s weird lol.

I also find it odd that vs AI is meant to prepare you for PVP but it really doesn’t lol

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I think the casual bots are just less likely to use the gnasher.


I don’t think they will ever pull out the gnasher until hardcore, unless they don’t have any other ammo. Maybe not even then.

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I’ve been doing all Mastery Achievement lately and got Master at Arms done on Casual.
They nearly always use Lancers.
When you’re close, they’ll nearly always rev their chainsaw.


Nice bro congrats…I just finished my Mastery (except for sniper) on Friday and my Master at Arms yesterday…needed 22 kills with the salvo so I finally got speyer early in the morning and this guy was racing everytime for it with me (pretty sure he needed it too) so after awhile he started shooting the salvo into the air wasting the ammo so I threw a shock at him and he dropped it I picked it up and got my final kill…just need the Veteran Gear achievement and two more horde achievements and then I think I will be done until September

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I would have to give credit to GreatWhiteShark for helping me with the final, last Super with Longshot. :slight_smile:
I suggested we could try searching on US Social Quickplay, when it was pretty late or early morning with fewer players and we had to search separately rather than in same lobby in menu.
When we found eachother in same match, then had to stay for few more matches till we got a Map with Longshots and eachother on separate teams.
When Impact turned up, I grabbed a Longshot and he came over to my side spawn and took me 3 shots till got ‘Super’ headshot.
I found out I only needed one rather than two, was at 75% and each headshot counted 25%.

When I was trying to figure out my last kill(s) for Master at Arms, I realised I needed some with Mulcher on Mercy Map.
Someone else had picked it up and I learnt the harder way that Smokes don’t make team mates drop Heavy Weapons… before trying out Shock.

I also have Veteran Gear at 88% at the moment, so could probably get this done quite easily soon.

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