Cash Prize Tournament

The cash prize tournament is tonight at 9pm EST. FFA custom, gnashers only. Winner will get their award in form of their choosing(cash app, apple pay, or xbox gift card). Lobby will open up at 9pm, first come first serve in terms of securing your spot in the lobby. 50 eliminations to win, assist disabled tuning. Custom lobby will be public and titled: “Cash prize FFA”.



If a KOTH one is made, I’m in

It’s a 50 cash prize.

is it 14 player or 8 player?

14 player

Can’t play tonight but have to say I like the idea. I’ll keep an eye for next one

I’m in your lobby now joining for fun. Good luck to all of you

Starting now. Theres spot for three more people. We will be doing these kind of tourneys every month.

It’s so laggy and the PC players are just Gods with that Gnasher lol


gg homies

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bro those kids were going absolutely crazy

Who won?

I didn’t finish I left midway lol. Definitely no challenge to the mouse and keyboard. Got shot from a long distance somehow consistently.

Storm Scylla won and opted to choose the $50 Microsoft Gift card.

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How I get in here’s my game tag kingkobe25#895

You replied to a thread from a year ago that said the event was that night.

Closing in case anyone else sees this and gets confused.