Cartoon omen. Y?

Why did they go with a cartoon gears omen on all the weapon skins that have them? The omen looks like it was drawn by an 8 year old. Take the new motherboard esports skins or some of the skins that were released on the store before as an example of this…I forget the name of them.

Skin looks alright and then boom let’s just put a fat ugly cartoon skull on it. The best looking one they did was on the team rock skins and graffiti skins. They look good!

Please stop plastering cartoon skulls on guns.


You mean the omen that’s been on the COG armor since forever?




Oh yeah, guess it is that one. Reguardless if it’s been there forever or not it’s still ugly and unfitting.


The “omen” on the Motherboard skin is the obligatory “eSports omen” sign on any skin that is for that Store section. Well, except the Johnny COG skin, but you get the idea.

That said, I think TCs use of the skull” omen” on skins in general is just excessive and ruins or makes many look far worse than they actually would if they didn’t have a big, ugly and unfitting omen slapped on them. Don’t care much for it on the characters if on armor… but it’s stupid on weapon skins.


Agreed it’s not as cool as the Crimson Omen

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