Carry but not carried

So i play one match of ranked having 2 quitters but finishing the match nearly double everything compared to the highest scoring player on the opposing team, i then start a second match only to be put against a 3 stack. Ffs when do i get paired with people that carry me for a win? Every match win or lose i do the best on my team and never get paired with these god tier players that can carry me.

When im put against a stack, they are like pro players, when I’m put with a 4 stack they couldn’t beat the campaign on casual.

At this point they would do better to scrap most of the modes and make all ranked modes duo only, either that or nerf all rifles and the gnasher.


Welcome to solo’s heaven, where the sun doesn’t shine in the most darkest places.
Here, let share some stories in KOTH:

  • A player with a gamertag that starts AFK is mostly idle and he is always doing that as his name implies.
  • Two teammates gave up and stayed at the spawn, although me and my friend were rekting the other team and won the first round.



And I thought I was the only one… keep getting de ranked because of pro stacks on the enemy team and mine full of noobs. This has made to completely abandon my favorite game modes,

I started playing FFA last week and made it to onyx in like 4 days. Again, the problem is this damn ranked system, it doesnt work once you are gold or higher.

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The rank system is dumb. I achieve high rank to have golds on my team. Which I don’t mind when they play…

But the problem is I don’t think they’re taking the game serious. Often go afk mid match.

Being diamond you have so much to lose that a gold player would not respect to the degree…

I think being a diamond golds shouldn’t be matched on your team but low onyx players I’m okay with.

At least it’s an improvement from what it used to be.

But still , I believe there’s room for much improvement.


Not gonna lie, this was a funny read. Cause it’s so true.

Back when I use to play religiously, I never intended to go for MVP. But it happened a lot cause you end up wanting to win the match and carrying your team more.

You finally then get a stacked party on your team and you think sweet, might be a easier win. Then it turns out they are all damp squids. (Should be damp squibs, but squids is funnier and it’s always misheard as that).

There’s no doubt some of the best game’s I’ve had, is when everyone is a solo on my team up against a full stack and you demolish them still.

I think the player population affects this greatly. The lower it is, the harder it is for solo players.


Hi Luke. I’ve not played for a few weeks, op 4 made the game even worse and a large part of that is this new ranking system. I don’t even care about rank but the quality of the matches has gone down due to this new system.

  • Full of stacks
  • Everybody lancering for elims
  • Matchmaking system even worse
  • Long waiting times for matches when solo
  • Connections bad more often than not

= I can’t be bothered

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