Carmines Woooo Yeah!

Just want to say thanks to TC cause the Carmine characters are awesome and it’s good to have all of them.

Plus this means more characters and faster release of them.

Come on Skorge!!!

No haters allowed

What character would you guys like to see added next?

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Jace and Dom.

Sofia. To try out whether she has any decent lines in MP. No one else I could really want.

I don’t know why they didn’t go for Alicia or Alex Brand, should’ve been easy since they share a VO with Kait…

Same reason why Tai appeared in Judgement I believe, because he’s voiced by Baird–so they probably just had him record both to throw Tai in there.

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I love each of the Carmines “Boo” expression.

@GhostofDelta2, thank you so much.


I don’t know why but Gary’s peek-a-boo moment where he laughs and gets bodied just broke me down. This is barely anything and is pretty much the greatest trailer we’ve ever gotten for anything Gears.


I’m glad we got the carmines. Now I just want Dom, skorge, and grenadier added.

I think I speak for the majority of players when I say- a new Terminator skin would be the best.

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We have to be getting Dom soon but I think they are saving him for the next op.

A tweet from Rod way back in September seemed to hint at Alex coming eventually post launch, but I never took it as solid evidence the character would actually definitely come - more like there was a chance for that to happen. More so now that Rod’s left for Blizzard with Diablo.

You talk just for yourself. Terminators are crap, too skiny and too dark ! There is some reason they ate not allowed in esports…

Because the pro community can’t handle the power and sweet, sweet drip that comes with the skin.

Badarse Cog woman pack:

The Dutchess




Aren’t you forgetting Valera?

Then again, she got Kim’d so idk if that’d fit your idea.

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Didn’t forget her or Alex, but working on a pack of 4 :grin::+1:

How about a Maria skin ? Pre Locust capture of course, that could work.

I mean since Cannon has no effect on skins anymore we can even see concept “COG” or “Outsider” Maria’s too.

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Damn, no love for Hoffman I see.

Aaron Griffin

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It would be nice to have them in Horde with new special skills each