Carmine's betrayal

So in gears 4 we unfortunately have to watch the tragic death of gary carmine, but due to the intense combat scenario that ensues, it seems to be quickly forgotten that gary dies from the hands of none other than 1st minister jinn of the cog. And the fact that clayton doesnt outcast himself or put a snub round right in Jinns ugly fish face, but instead is seen working for the cog with loyalty kinda makes him a betrayer of his own family.



Edit for ghost: Myrrahs a big fat phony

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Fixed it for you.

They are literally redshirts.


It’s a good point.

Well, my guesses are he doesn’t know.

But say he does. Judging by all the Carmine’s voice lines ingame to him (such as revives), I’m sure that Gary is the sort of “outcast” and not particularly popular. Maybe Clayton knew and figured he knew the risks of joining the Outsiders.

With that said though, I’d loved to have seen him have a go at Jinn for it. I can’t stand the sight of that woman.

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In all seriousness though, all the other Carmines we know are with the COG, so wouldn’t that make Gary the traitor?


At least Jinn is vastly superior to the Locust Queen (who isn’t even a Locust herself). Perhaps My fellow Long haired beauty @xXARslayerXx could direct his accusations of treachery towards Myrrah for betraying her fellow humans?

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I didn’t even know Gary died until I read this thread lmao.


Done :wink::kissing_heart:

I know today might be a hard one for you, but yes, our beloved gary is dead, please take all the time you need to sort through your emotions, and you can let out anything you need to here, it’s a safe space… sometimes


No one likes Jinn. Well, except the puppets in the government she surrounded herself with, of course. If she were to conveniently just disappear, I totally would not mind.

But yes, the most likely reason why Clayton didn’t execute her on the spot is because he seems to absolutely despise Gary.

I do. Fight me.

On topic; Gary is scum and I’m glad he’s dead. Now if only TC would stop adding him as a MP_char. I’d highly appreciate that.

I’m strictly speaking to the Campaign appearance. I do not mind her lines as an MP character, even if I do not use her Jinn-bot.

Gary is a weasel, I’d rather see who’s his father or have the 4th Carmine brother appear as a veteran

At least they might have collected his life insurance and bought some sweet bacon & beer

The writers just want to keep the tradition alive even though the deaths are nonsensical. I just shook my head at Gary’s death as he was nothing more than an Easter Egg in my opinion. “I trained him myself… OH NO CARMINE!” just so stupid.

Talking about the writing it is crazy how we don’t see Clayton or Lizzie’s Father react to her death or challenge JD on his part in the Hammer strike.

Lizzie uses the Minotaur trucks extensively so she knows about the roof hatch and she didn’t even attempt the other door. Maybe if the scene showcased a building falling on top of the cab and blocking the other door then the death would make some sense. It would still have zero emotional impact as she was always going to die.


Carmine’s were created to die. I dont know why people get so upset when they do die as if its a surprise or something lol


Well, should people be upset when Clayton survived? It was a surprise, but…

No because EPIC allowed the fans to vote if he should live or die and majority voted for him to live

They aren’t wearing red though and I don’t see Spock anywhere so no.

Nah people got to choose back then the outcome for Clayton. They showed off this artwork of him and he looked super bada*s and then they announced the “Carmine Lives and Carmine Must Die” xbox avatar campaign where people could buy a shirt with one of those two sayings on it and which ever one sold the most would be the outcome. People didn’t know which one sold the most until the very end of gears 3 tho.

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Nah, that’s just the fans acting like toxic Star Wars fandom with making something a “tradition” then the creators going along with it for the memes or lolz.

What I find funny is that a lot of people act like other characters that weren’t part of the Carmine family haven’t died even though plenty of regular throwaway jobbers or other characters with names have died throughout the series.