Carmine weapon skins! Please help a long time fan since the very first Gears!

We can craft all the carmines now but many of us missed out on the Carmine packs long ago. I play Carmine characters almost exclusively and it forever feels incomplete without the carmine weapon skins or the King Raven skins. I dont have any of them and its beginning to become increasingly frustrated as I dont know if they will ever bring the packs back. Why are the characters craftable but the weapons arnt?!?!?!! Queen Myrah and RAAM for example are craftable and so are the matching weapons skins. So why are only the carmine characters craftable, and not the Carmine/King Raven skins?? And does this mean they will never bring the packs back? Are we lost forever play as the carmine clan incomplete?? No matching skins? Are all the carmine fans just doomed? Find out on the next episode of COALITION BALL Z.

(But seriously this is really disheartning, frustrating, and it even makes me want to quit sometimes. Im literally willing to do whatever it takes to get them.) Someone please help. or at least give me answers so that i may have closure . I cant keep this up much longer :’(

R.I.P. Rook, Ant, & Gary


The weapon skin are exclusive to those thst bought the packs when it came out, its just a nice exclusivity for the first time / second time credit buyers.

They may make every pack weapon skin set craftable like in the distant future and I mean distant as in probably couple of months before Gears 5 launches.


I know that but like I said, they already made the characters craftable, and the RAAM and Myrrah both already have the characters and weapons craftable. Does that mean they decided to only make the characters craftable for carmine and never the weapons or do you think theres still hope? Because if they dont, or never bring the pack back thats really wack. Its like screw the carmine players.

If you like the carmines and want the skins so much then you should have gotten the packs when they were available. The skins aren’t very good anyway. Don’t mean to sound rude.

There is hope, but as for how tc determines which weapon skin becomes craftable is unkown.

Perhaps its because its not a full weapon skin set which isnt enough to justify it become craftable? I dont know.

Isn’t the Queen Myrrah weapon skin set craftable?

Well you do sound rude. I wasnt able to play the game at the time. I didnt have Xbox Gold. People do have lives and other responsibilities and arnt always able to spare extra expenses. That was such a pointless thing to say.

There were plenty of skins that i missed or couldn’t get from not having enough credits because i was at work. I don’t expect them to be rereleased.

Thing is people always crave for things they missed or can’t have. Its just human nature.

Also i bet some people if not most wont use the skins even if certain skins became craftable. It will just sitting there in their inventory.

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Most people only use a few different skins. The rest just sit there. I don’t think i ever equipped the carmine skins.

The Carmine Skin and KR Skins are full weapon skin set.

I wish The Coalition was easier to communicate with. Thanks for the help though, i appreciate it.

I only get skins i know ill use. Not many people can relate but i enjoy immersion when i play. If i play almost all Carmine with Cog so yes, im going to be using carmine skins almost exclusively. I currently dont even use a skin because its the closest thing to matching carmines armor.

idc about other skins i dont have or missed out on. Theres many skins i cant ever have, i dont want them because i dont have them.