Carmine Improvements

I just want to start off by saying that I’m happy with all the improvements made by TC in this most recent operation, especially with the store and bringing back the classic skins for most of delta squad but I specifically want to address Anthony Carmine in Gears 5 and how much TC have changed this man from what he looked and sounded like originally. So lets start with the quotes.

I like the fact that there is more original voice lines in Gears 5 then there ever was in Gears 4 but his newly recorded voice lines are not the greatest. They are cringy and do not fall in line with how the character was portrayed in the original trilogy imo. I think that the original voice lines should have been carried over to the new line of games from TC.

“One dead grub” Regular kill
“Stand up like a man” Revive Quote from Gears 2
“Were so screwed” Round start
“Grubs are tough” From Gears 2 when an enemy is taking a lot of damage
“Woah got some on me” Chainsaw kill

I could go on but here are some more if your interested:

Now on to the armor. I like that TC has taken feedback from the community and actually put the effort into changing the way a character looked in a new op (Anthony’s new helmet from Gears UE) even though I personally don’t like the way it looks with the unnecessary addition of the leather strap on the top of his head and the removal of the blue light dot in the middle of his forehead. When you look at how TC brought back the classic skins in Gears 4 and 5 such as Classic Marcus there is no extreme or unnecessary changes made to how they are supposed to look.

I could continue but I feel as though this post is pretty long already so if you think there should be any more changes made let me know. You can make your own comparisons down below.


“Stand up like a man” and “we’re so screwed” are Ben quotes. They’ll never put any voice lines for “grubs” in this game, since we’re fighting Swarm, Locust, and Terminators. My only issues with the Carmines is that they constantly remind you that they are Carmines, and Clayton constantly reminds you that he’s the Grub Killer. This is fine for Lizzie and Gary, since they make it work, but for the brothers, it sounds forced.

You might not realize it, but the OP4 update fixed Anthony further by getting rid of a few obvious Ben lines and returning them to his brother.

And I like some of Anthony and Ben’s new lines.
“Bye, bye, sh* thead!” - Anthony
“You’ve done your good deed for the day.” - Anthony
“You are DEAD!” - Anthony
“Ho, took you OUT!” - Anthony
“Welcome to the meat grinder, meat!” - Anthony
“Get sh* t on, sh* thead!” - Ben
“You are f* cking done!” - Ben
“Whoa, you ran right thr-- my bad! I’m sorry!” - Ben

I am also an advocate for Classic Carmine look and lines and I absolutely despise his new voice lines from 4 and 5. Batista is proof that we can have different skins for the same character have different voicelines and I would love to have a 100% pure Carmine from Gears 1 and trust me TC I will pay money for it. Another thing I’d like to see is expressions that have active reload/gib lines. Being able to yell “LETS DO THIS!” on command without having to constantly active would be a welcome addition. I would also replace a couple of the expression lines with voice files ripped from the first game similar to how they took Marcus tomato line from Gears 3. Mainly “Yes” being the “Affirmative” line from the Gears 1 video above, “Cheers” being replaced with the “wow cool!” when Carmine meets Marcus in Gears one, it’s cringy hearing a Ben sounding Anthony say “Wow that was awesome!” whenever I use the cheer emote in game.


Anthony already has a lot of classic dialogue, so this suggestion is already an oddly specific one that can’t work. He needs certain new lines to fit the context of Gears 5’s multiplayer. Respawning. New grenades. Interactions. Another note, Marcus never said anything about tomatoes in Gears 3.

Also, how does Anthony’s cheer sound like Ben’s? His voice isn’t whiny, and it’s deeper. Especially compared to Ben’s cheer.

I think a way they could fix the voice is just trying to make the helmet filter sound more like the og gears 1-3

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“Stand up like a man” and “were so screwed” are said by both Anthony and Ben in gears 2, go back and play as Anthony and you’ll hear it.

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Glad to hear there are other people who prefer classic carmine, its sad that there’s people who are starting out on gears 4 and 5 without ever hearing or seeing the classic carmines.


Yeah they were, because they shared it, but actually listen to it. Would Anthony panic, screaming “We’re so screwed!” at the top of his lungs?

But what even is classic Carmine? Is it Gears 1 Carmine? Because his voice lines didn’t end there. Look at Gears UE Ben Carmine. His voice lines are literally alternate Anthony lines. But if you threw those in, there would be debate on whether or not he really says that. No one would be pleased, and the developers would have wasted their time.

Something like switching voice lines should be reserved for characters from two different eras, like old and young. Clayton would benefit more from this than Anthony would.

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I’d consider gears 1-2 to be classic skins and I think switchings the quotes would be nice because it is painfully obvious whick are new and old for Clayton and even Anthony and Ben.