Carmine classes

so while, TC could have just made the carmines different skins, they instead made them whole characters, while we patiently now wait for them available in PvE modes, this means that each one should have their own abilities and cards, essentially you could have a whole squad of just carmines…so while we wait, why not speculate?

what classes do you think the carmines will be?

I’m cool with anything except another sniper class. One Fahz per match is enough.

fahz is okay so long as you have a balanced team. I wouldn’t mind more snipers so long as TC can make them unique.

I’m very interested to see what they do the one firefighters skin they gave Benjamin gives me an idea for them perhaps giving Benjamin some fire based abilities like Cole I would love if they added the scorcher back btw

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that would be cool, what I’m worried about is that clayton and lizzie are already tanks, so hopefully the boys are something else. Anthony could probably be a sniper out of irony…but then maybe Benjamin’s ultimate will be summoning a giant worm xD

And after the worm comes up with Benjamin’s ultimate little creatures come out and spew acid on people😂. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Tank classification though. I really don’t think the tank classification makes much sense in this game because I mean they made Cole offense and he’s arguably more of a tank .Lizzie definitely feels like a DPS and Clayton the one they chose to give the tank classification to is less of a tank than Cole. I think tank just means in their minds that they are going to slap some health cards on the character or some damage mitigation cards for sure but even some of the characters who are not tanks have cards that reduce damage and buff health.

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if thats the case then they should fix it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some re-classing in future updates.

but what makes a good tank, is being able to take damage and aggro enemies, So they need to build around those ideas instead. maybe more bonuses for being in cover.

I’d honestly like a character who’s whole kit deals with have body shields for cover that would be dope

Yeah Marcus has a card that buffs has damage resistance in cover. I’m not saying there’s an easy solution. the thing is on higher difficultys everyone drops pretty quickly even with damage mitigation cards on so what makes the tanks truly stand out are really their utility abilities. Like Marcus’s ultimate is very good for getting rid of drones and fodder enemies or like Clayton with his concussion explosives that are very useful. The tanks do seem to be overall more useful in escape mode however.

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but then we have the old dilemma of horde cards being the same as escape cards, I think tanks should be restructured so they can survive in those high tier levels, getting rid of fodder enemies goes to the engineer class with barriers and turrets wouldn’t you say?

That would be ideal I agree . Right now I think the damage dealers are more preferred to most tanks on horde that being said it seems like the whole class system is kind of more of a guideline kind of thing for example Kate is a scout but does great amount of damage. Speaking of which I hope one of the Carmine’s is a scout. Kind of off-topic but what other characters would you like for them to bring back/put in?

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yeah I remember the scout class being good at collecting power during rounds, now the only thing kate has going is her excution bonus I think in regarding to scout class, her bleed shotgun damage is pretty good though,

I think if Aaron Griffin were to come back he could have skills that give you more energy from taps, and some other tap related cards would be cool. Though I doubt TC will get him cause that means I think they gotta pay Ice T.

as for other characters, I’ve been playing tactics and I wouldnt be surprised to see Gabe, Sid, and Mika make an appearance,

I’d like to see Dom come back, Hoffman for sure. Anya needs to come back, sofia hendrick too, more girl gears in general would be nice to have.

I wouldn’t mind more crossover characters making their way over to gears either…like solid snake or some ■■■■.

how about you?

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:joy: I doubt they’ll pull a smash brothers ultimate and add snake. I’m pretty sure they added Griffin in gears 4 I wonder if they would have the record more voice lines or if Ice T gets another fat check And maybe they just don’t feel like paying for it right now $. As far as the characters you suggested I think those are all solid options I don’t see a lot of people talking about Sophia that be cool if they brought her back and maybe they could find a reason to bring back the stim grenades for her that would be perfect at least in PVE. I’m pretty sure they will bring back Dom I’ll be happy about that I know he’s a fan favorite and I think they could do some cool stuff with a Dizzy .Anya definitely needs to make it in and Sam as well as maybe the other redhead chick.

damn I forgot about dizzy and sam lol

yeah I think stim grenades could be cool for PvE I mostly want more characters and character cards in general, it seems the ultimates are getting crazier with each new character they lauch so who knows how crazy it will get

lol I just thought snake would fit in well…Maybe DeathStroke from DC universe would be a good fit too