Carmine brothers hivebuster variants

I know there are better topics to talk about but I can’t let this go because I’m an escape fan.

The hivebuster variants are skins that I like a lot, but nevertheless they are not released as often as the collector skins, but when one comes out in the store they are a delight. My point is that they take out this type of skins more frequently and that it be with characters really used in multiplayer, since a Sid hivebuster or some other character sounds good but I share the opinion of many friends that they should take out the carmine hivebuster or some other character really widely used in multiplayer.

And if we want dreams to come true, what would seem like the idea of ​​a variant for myrrah hivebuster that I know is from the locust side and that it is not usable in escape but it would be a fresh air for myrrah because its only variants are only in change of colors in his armor (collector’s skin) and his version of chrome steel is only a change of textures.

Postscript: it is worth dreaming and hopefully TC will listen to me and bring the carmine hivebuster to the store.


Honestly didn’t read all of the above because I seen hive buster variant and wanted to say everyone should have a hive buster skin because they are awesome.


Antony Carmine Hive Buster ? Sign me in!!!

Myrrah Hive Buster ? why the heck no? bring her in!

Hivebuster skins are some of the best that TC created for Gears.

I would love a Hivebuster Anthony with a green helmet with the mask attachment. I wonder what his logo on the chest plate would be? It could be the Original Crimson Omen.

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