Cards Are Being Glitchy (TC please acknowledge)

Hey TC! So lately for PvE, I noticed a bad glitch dealing with our cards. I have proof of the problems under my captures/screenshots on my Xbox for a better view of what I want to explain. Certain cards are not leveling up at all so I tried restarting the game and it took one of my duplicated cards away. Very infuriating to see that happening. I had 10/10 card for a Lvl 4 Custom Boomshot, trying to get it to Lvl 5 but it would not work. That is when I restarted the game to try and fix the bug and it said that I had 9/10 Custom Boomshot when I went to try again to level up that skill card. I don’t know if it’s happening on other characters too but this problem is on JD’s on my end. Please take a look. I like to level up my characters without being stopped from bugs/glitches. Thanks!

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submit a ticket

14 day response time still?

Greater than 14 business days is what it says sadly.

I had the same problem… losing cards, etc. I put tickets in back in late July - so far just crickets.

I have noticed that the cards show more than you actually have.

Like, I was 1/5 for Del’s Legendary card, then I got 3 in a Master run, and it showed 7/5 afterwards.

Same goes for my Icy Precision, it showed 14/20 when I knew it only was on 12, it did change back to it’s real value after completing a match.

I can understand the frustration though.