Cards and Packs proposal

I’ve heard all opinions from the current system. I’m not here to complain, but share my thoughts on how it can improve in future gears games.

Has anyone ever played Yugioh Duel Links? The way to attain cards is random but also rewarding. I’m proposing that the Coalition implement that card and pack system. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet as i explain how it works.


-Side Note-
Just like gears 4, you earn credits by playing. Those credits are used to buy the packs

There are multiple boxes , and each box contains a certain style/theme/types of cards.
In each box there are: 100 cards unique to that box and only that box.
The box contains 200 packs of cards. One pack contains 5 cards.
There are a set number of how many duplicates there are of each card. As the card becomes more rare, the less duplicates there are of that specific card.
As you keep buying packs from that box you collect the cards. Once you’ve collected all the duplicates of that card you can no longer attain that card until the box is depleted of all cards.
Does that make sense? Once you’ve collected that card and it’s duplicates, you will know that you can’t get that card again until you’ve bought all packs and emptied that box.
What happens when the box is empty? It just resets.


This will keep the pack system random, and have more value as you keep playing.
The player knows that the more they collects packs from that certain box, the closer they’re too inevitably attaining the desired card.


As the player skims through the boxes, the information is shown of what is contained in that box.
A list of all the cards in that box. A number indicating the amount of duplicates, and how many are left once they’ve purchased packs.
This is more of me expressing a creative opinion.
We can have:
-COG boxes for those who only want to collect COG characters
-Locust boxes
-Swarm Boxes
-Special event boxes
-Throwback boxes (containing variations of characters from across the franchise)
-Horde boxes
-Versus boxes
…etc. The boxes are tailored to a very specific theme.


I haven’t thought to much about this but you’d still be able to scrap and craft cards. There would just have to be appropriate adjustments made to fit the card system.

Credit to @Belkain for this idea
With the scraps collected you can create duplicates to greater your chances of the legendary cards. The more duplicates you create the higher your chances are of getting that card you want!

Or another idea would be that there is like BLACK MARKET CARDS. You can only get these cards through using scrap. You CAN NOT collect them in a box.
Those are only attainable through crafting pieces. Once you have all the pieces of that card you can put them together and enjoy you new character/skin/weapon? :open_mouth:


If there is a release with intent for that card to be very exclusive and for a limited time. Make it so that it can be obtained by SKILL. Not just constant playing and grinding for hours. Reward the veterans.
The people like myself who’ve been playing since gears 1 are the one who will always come back.
Being reward for our time is a nice acknowledgement to us die hard fans.

So these are just my quick thoughts. I tried to keep it concise. I hope it isn’t too confusing.



All you need to do is have one price for a complete set.


eSports 1 = $20

You get all the characters and weapon skin set.


I absolutely agree. Great suggestions.

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@DrummerTSherry : that system actually makes a lot of sense. You could buy 1000 packs with the certainty that at some point you will have a 100% chance of getting the card you want.

Use scrap for creating duplicates and thus increasing your chances for the remaining cards. I like it a lot, hopefully they can create something like this (RNG may be ok for character/weapon skins but not one bit for horde skills).

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i say the package of ADAM FENIX

I’m completely fine with micro transactions as long as there is another feasible way of collecting packs through game play!

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