Card frustrations

Need 2 cards for keegan shredder for lvl 4…also 2 cards for jd hail for lv l 4…I’ve now played 135 wvs master…100 inconceivable…and 100 insane…havnt picked up either card for these…sure im not alone in this… tc youve created the difficulties…isnt it time to reward this gameplay…:roll_eyes:


So you’ve played six games (presumably 3 with each character), and you didn’t get the most powerful cards in the game? You can always use scrap, but at some point the cards will drop.

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Erm, they do reward gameplay? Every 5 waves, you get a card. You do know that, right? And it’s RNG. It’s not 100% guaranteed they gonna hand you those bleed cards on a plate. 7 Horde matches isn’t enough. I did 30+ Master matches to max out JD. When you do that much, your Razor Hail may be Level 5 already,

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I’ve done a masters run from like wave 41-50. Or maybe it was 46 to 50? I needed a daily and I didn’t feel like playing for 3 hours. I only got 2 cards and they were both green -.-

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Well it’s 40% chance so… kind of expected. Or unexpected.

Yep that’s 335 wvs played not 1 card…nonsense…its why peeps are getting fed up fella🙄

Hey foo,

How you been dude?

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Hey hulk…grinding for nothing m8…hope ur well…actually played 5 wvs advanced …host left n i got a shredder card…u couldn’t make it up m8 :grin:


Sounds about right. Glad your well. Hopefully I’ll be done traveling this week. So you would like to play sometime that would be cool :sunglasses:

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You get one card for every 5 waves, so for 41-50 you should only get two cards.

I think he was just frustrated that they were green commons.

Why are you even playing that Horde to begin with?

Probably your best bet if grinding cards is to spam waves 1-10. They’re fastest, and this is what I did to max most characters. Go host an insane or incon with health/ + damage off, title the lobby card farm 10 waves, and just spam it dude. Suuuuuuper quick. Way better than playing the actual horde run through just for a card hunt, because you aren’t wasting your time on the side activities involved in a full game. (No forge being a major factor, get those lockers/turrets immediately this way :slight_smile: )

Good luck finding the rest of your cards, and an enjoyment of this horde mode, foo.



Play mainly 2 n 3 kaz…but have some friends who play 5…my priority will always be the 2 n 3 m8😁

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Good man :+1:

I still haven’t tried Gears 5’s Horde.

Not interested.

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Completely get that…u play 3?

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The card drops are terrible. I was stuck at 0/10 shredder for about 300 waves of horde…

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I’ll never buy anything on 5 gnashty…sit tight n keep plugging away…the card situation is a joke🙄