Card Choices and Why for each Character

I haven’t played every character to unlock their full potential and some not at all. With what I have played though these are the cards I run.

Fahz- Ambush: 20 percent increased critical damage to unwounded targets (Unlocks at Level 2) Exploit Weakness: +20 percent critical damage during X-Ray (Unlocks at Level 5) Modified Longshot: 10 percent increased damage and active effects (Unlocks at Level 7) Counter Snipe: 20 percent resistance to precision damage (Unlocks at Level 3)
I only go with counter snipe because I haven’t leveled him far enough to use some of the other cards.

JD- Officer’s Prerogative: Artillery fires one additional round (Unlocks at Level 2) Lancer GL Mastery: 30 percent reduced recoil, 2 percent increased headshots (Unlocks at Level 3) Concussive Strike: Artillery stuns enemies for 6 seconds 5 (Unlocks at Level 5) Custom Lancer GL: 10 percent increased damage and active effects (Unlocks at Level 7)

Once again a lvl thing.

Jack- Healing Reach: 20 percent increased healing distance (Unlocks at Level 2) Zapper Upgrade: 20 percent increased damage (Unlocks at Level 3) Optimizer: 50 percent more power when smelting (Unlocks at Level 4) Healing Upgrade: 20 percent increased healing rate (Unlocks at Level 6)

These are the main guys and cards I play Ive messed with marcus and emile a bit the rest 0-1 run. Let me know what and why you guys choose.