Card aspect change

So I come back and see a majority of card have change aspect like Marcus where it’s replace with cog so op 5 is class like gear 4 ?
Because at first look that’s what it’s coming , I was thinking they will just cut the loadout from a character but I think it’s more

Sticky when?

I already seen that but at first it was unlock the character loadout and name it a class here most card now have cog in it to mean neutral (what I think ) so it push it more then what they said

They haven’t commented on it yet. The cardart-changes were part of an update where half of the promised changes were missing.

I’m afraid by the future horde version…
All cards possibilities risk to be a serious salad !

Today, when you see a specific character, you have a vision of cards used by this player. The same case with class in Gears 4…

Tomorow, if we can equiped 5 of all the cards of game, with all characters, how to know the 5 cards chosen by players !

I don’t understand the future method.
Too strange for the moment.
Wait and see… but i like horde now, it will be a real disappointement if new system was rotten…
I wish TC have had a real reflexion, with serious tests and without bugs…

I doubt all card will be available to pick if we going neutral card they will go in pack dps /tank/support … and limit the number of them pick like x dps per loadout.

But they said class and the only thing that come in mind right now is Gear 4 with :soldier/engineer/sniper/scout/heavy

I think it will go for more but right now we can only speculate on things and info are too small to push.

And I doubt TC will let you create the ultimate character look at nerf

TC have already stated that all current card combinations (as organised under each different Hero character) will remain as they are. So there are absoltuely no plans for us to mix say, Explosive Critical Hit (Fahz) with Shredder (Keegan); and there aren’t even any plans to combine roles (e.g.: tanks; support etc).

All current Hero characters will simply be redefined as being “classes”; all card options will remain as they are; and we will just be able to pick any character as an avatar, so to speak. So if we want to use Fahz’s sniper skills, we don’t have to play as Fahz - we can play as Marcus, or JD, or Kait, or the UIR Soldier.

TC intend to release new future classes, but they won’t be tied to a character.

The changes in the near future are simply to detach the character from the Hero role.