Capturing rings should be attainable in co-op

I’ve heard all the criticism of this game, and there’s one thing I’d like changed. I’ve had a challenge to capture some number of rings in multiplayer, but if I do it in co-op V AI, I don’t get credit. Every other challenge that can be completed in multiplayer, that I’ve seen, is attainable in CvAI, except that one. I’m not good at competitive multiplayer, I don’t want to waste people’s time that are trying to get into Esports. I just want to finish a challenge and move on with my day. Please TC, allow me to not play ranked matches to complete that challenge. I love this game and I love you for reading this. Now I have to kill 7 more people with explosive weapons so it’s back to co-op vs AI. :slight_smile:

Does seem a bit wierd to not include that

And its a 3 star objective. I tried. I am not going in Vs public just to get this. Just another thing overlooked cuz they were more concerned about that MONEY!