Captain Hoffman partially fixed

His voice lines are fixed,but his grunts still use Marcus’ voice.

Oh, and Prescott is still missing his grunts.

Will they ever fix the therons, palace guards and flame grenadier heads/necks?

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Probably not. I remember Vold RAAM had this issue and he came out AFTER the Theron’s. They were quick to fix him.

So after all this time nobody told TC about this bug?

I tried mentioning it when I noticed it, but it seems like it falls on blind eyes.

Maybe it’ll be fixed during the final release
If not theeeen that’s kinda sad no one tested this lol

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Do we have to submit a ticket for it?

I doubt that would do any good. Usually submitting tickets are used for major glitches or loss of content.

And unless people did it for Vold RAAM, I don’t think it’s even necessary.

Man that sucks, I hate that their heads look awkward in this game while in all the previous games it was fine. I don’t get how this even happened in the first place.

Yeah, I’ve been intentionally avoiding the Theron’s since their heads are so wrong. Which sucks because they’re one of the few Locust whose voice lines are done right. I haven’t been using RAAM because he sounds like a cheap wind up doll.

lol the Therons are my favorite OG locusts alongside the Kantus and Armored Kantus, I refuse to use the therons because they look soo silly in this game. Jermad has been my substitute since he doesn’t have head issues.

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