Captain hoffman bug

Hey what’s up guys , unlocked the captain hoffman skin . Disappointed with the voice lines currently as when he talks in game it’s Marcus’s voice lol not sure if TC is aware. Side note the emote voice is all hoffman but the random lines of chat during gameplay is all Marcus voice
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What? Why? lol
That… has to get fixed. Now.

Also, why is CAPTAIN Hoffman unlocked at MAJOR? Come on, TC.


Its been reported and being looked into

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You’ll find some lines by Marcus in other cog characters when they do their in game chatter. Before Hoffman, I came across 2 other characters… judgment Baird and 1-2 lines on one of Tai’s skins would speak as Marcus. Idk if that’s been fixed yet, but this Hoffman thing wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

Anyone else notice this? I haven’t bought the store Hoffman but the one you get from the tour very obviously has Marcus’ voice lines. ** Didn’t realise this was already a thread**

Knife Tricks also doesn’t work with this skin. I mean, it does. But there’s no Knife.

^Scratch that. Hoffman doesn’t have a knife at all. Neiter during melee or executions.


Yeah, just unlocked him too. Really bizarre.

I need few hundred stars to unlock him… so…

SERIOUSLY Marcus voice on young Cap Hoffman LOL


It will be “Captain Hoffcus” to me until that is fixed.


I play multiple personality Hoffman in Escape. When he suddenly switches to Marcus voice and other players look at me confused, I do his, ‘Sorry about that’ quote. Funny when there’s also a Marcus just staring at you absolutely confused! :rofl:


Yesterday with a Marcus Hoffman and a Pilot Jack! Both were funny!


Captain hoffman’s voice is the same as Marcus fenix’s when the game is in Spanish,

03/11/21, still hasn’t been fixed -_-


I’m kinda enjoying Schizo Hoffman, it throws off my teammates every now and then when they hear Hoffman and Marcus at the same time.


Yes by me to

Yes it’s still marcus voice. Emotes are all Hoffman but in game lines and even grunts are all.marcus. it’s super annoying and needs to be fixed now.

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Captain Hoffman has the voice lines of Marcus in Escape beyond the emote choices the player has, noticed this when playing escape last night.

Yeah that’s the latest thing with TC. The voice lines are recycled as well, not just maps.

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Seriously? I’ll need to check it out myself but that is seriously disrespectful to the character of Colonel Hoffman if so.