Cant unlock Batista PC

I read somewhere you unlock Batista by unlocking New Game Plus but, I cant find him anywhere Do I need to complete New Game Plus? I purchased the game on December 22nd.

How did you manage to find this forum and post your thread, but couldn’t figure out how to turn on the Batista-mutator? It’s in the lobby-settings.

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The New Game+ gives another option in the lobby, it’s called “Mutators”. You can add several things to the game, one of those being Marcus replaced by Batista.

Do you mean unlocking Batista for Multiplayer and not campaign? Because if you want him for Multiplayer I don’t think you can get him anymore, It was a limited purchase in store for free.

The Skin selection is under Marcus If I’m somehow wrong and you do unlock Batista somehow

Here is the option needed for Campaign Batista