Can't start Gears 4 PC

I’ve never had many issues with the PC version, a couple months ago i did a clean install of windows 10, and re-downloaded Gears, no major problems with June 2018 driver from nvidia apart from crashing in horde, couldn’t play more than 15-20 waves without crashing, no big deal for me.

Versus multiplayer was fine, crashing only happened in motion blur scenes, so i decided, to adjust everything either low/off, and the game was ok now. That was ~7 days ago, yesterday i tried to play but couldn’t get pass the “PRESS [ENTER]” screen the loading symbol gets stuck, the music keeps playing but it gets stuck in there.

I updated the driver to the most recent 399.07 no luck, downgraded to June 2018 no luck, downgraded to August 2017 and nothing, at this point i think it might be some error during the initial communication with the server i don’t know really…

Windows 10 (Up to date)
i7 4790
12Gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 960

Any help would be appreciated i don’t want to re-download ~120Gb (at 20Mb/s) in the Xbox Again…

Go back to nvidia 382.53. This is the only driver that will work…

Have you tried RESET of gears in the apps and features section of settings in windows? Have you tried the wsreset in power shell? I have a GTX 960 and after a fresh install of win 10 with latest nvidia driver I have not had a crash since the latest release of nvidia driver.

I know one thing, I sure as heck ain’t gonna reinstall windows just to try and make the game work and honestly I don’t see that working because it’s a Nvidia driver issue, which they never fixed and my PC is fine with every other game. It could be as I read that the 9 series cards aren’t as much affected as the 10 series cards and why your ok now. I’m anxious to see what happens with the newest Nvidia cards when they come out in a few weeks.

Tried the reset and nothing, I don’t think wsreset do much at this point, I’m going to try @Metal_Gear_Mo suggestion and see what happens…

Well, tried all suggestions, nothing, guess I will wait for the next update, if it doesn’t work after that then simply uninstall