Can't someone just make gears great again

This version of horde if thats what ur calling it…is restrictive and boring

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So you don’t know how to play then?

Nice try old bean…yes iv played plenty…im glad your enjoying it !!

Old bean?.. i like that.

…maybe I could change my GT?..

Thanks for the tip, and I hope you rethink this and give it another try.

There are many of us that a re having a crap load of fun with this one.

Haha…fair play…just an opinion…i find this game restrictive, but if peeps are enjoying it…all good…:grin:

It isnt. Player freedom of choice is gone. Quitting is at an all time high. With high level bleed you can cheese it. If you don’t communicate and your del or kat doesn’t listen your f^cked because no one else can build…
Ungh so much wrong.

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I agree with the fact that many players don’t know wtf they are doing.

And yes… this is frustrating.

But last night I played an advanced match to wave 40 with 3 others that knew what to do, and it was the most fun I’ve had gamming in a while. It was a friggin blast!!

I don’t see how any real GOW player wouldn’t have loved it.

Find a regular group that knows what’s what I guess?

That is the only way… Had two matches where in was Kat and a Del joined and didn’t build forge… Wasted energy on building a second base… Had to build forge and then build regular base and work on actually fortifying our position.
Then someone moved fab and we had enemies spawn in base at lvl 42 and almost wiped us… Idiots

I feel your pain.

I hope you don’t give up though.

When you get in the "right " match , this game is amazing. Or at least I think so.

It is decent but my biggest complaint is the hero classes! I want my freedom of choice!
I want to pick my char and class. I mean I get the fab stuff and semi agree but not on the hero stuff.

Ms should not allow this company to make gears 6

Because its basically not horde in most peoples eyes…since the inception of 4…they created an easy boring way to play it…and followed it up in 5…5 simply does not play as horde…but to some like yourself its fun and enjoyable…and thats fine…but most horde players ditched gears when 4 arrived

It’s still 700 iron for a damn flag :roll_eyes: Personally, I don’t see much of an improvement at all, when you look at the store as a whole.

Although I can ignore the store. I just want them to fix all the issues with the game. Especially the versus issues and dumb ranking system

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A lot of people still do find the prices too expensive, which I can understand, especially as though some people of already paid £60 or $ for the game. I bought the matte black weapon skins for 400 iron which cost me about £4.25 in the uk which I didn’t mind paying for the set .The cosmetics are optional and no one is forced to buy them, I think the issue is that they need to make more earnable or craftable content in game as it’s very limited at the moment and I can understand that people are annoyed about buying items in store for a game that is clearly broken at the moment.