Can't someone just make gears great again

Haha yes really. I haven’t played for a week and wow I forgot how much TC f up.

The mp is complete trash. And get rid of ur horny money grabbing bs . Either make a real game or just focus on being a second trash developer. I mean just look what worked at other gears games. And stop being a EA clone. So tired of it. You’re gonna lose all the fan base. Just the IQ free noobs will play this game and pay 10$ for a freaking skin. Seriously? Bring cliffy b back and delete this wanna be gears-game.


To late damage already done

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They are making a dice/EA and they are just waiting for all the suckers dumb enogh to buy free stuff … well skins that should be free from playing the damn game. Then they change it when they lost all the real players.

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Nobody is forcing you to buy cosmetics, if you don’t want them you don’t have to buy them?

Just get the pointless bloodspray and be happy. Thank you kind sir. :slight_smile:

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I think they do need to introduce more earnable weapon skins and cosmetics into the game but the exclusive in store content is there for people to buy if they want it, nobody is forced to buy anything and they are a business at the end of the day, it’s a way for them to make money.

They got s hit that u earn by playing and all the good stuff is locked behind 10 bucks . Why not do so we can get some iron every rank? No cuz they don’t care about the game only the money. TC don’t care one bit about having a good gaming experience. And don’t go oh it’s a business. It’s a f ing AAA game 60 bucks that most pay. They are greedy money grabbing c words. No more no less. And people defending a dying game is just sad.


I think the prices were too expensive but they brought the price down now at least it’s a bit more reasonable. Like I said I agree that they need to introduce more earnable content ie characters, weapon skins so that people that don’t want or can’t buy cosmetics in store can still get extra content.

…if you think it’s a dying game maybe commenting in the forums of a ‘dying game’ is sad?

I haven’t played in like two weeks or something, and I just got on a few minutes ago to see if people on my friends list play it - and they don’t.

Not to sound like this but the great players either went back to gears 4 or quit gears, while the not so good players are loving gears 5.

Some of course just play it by default as if they were sheep. Some play it because they simply want to rank up and prove their worth to the world via a ranking system.

I have self-respect and a backbone, so I’m taking a stand against the current state of the game.

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What good stuff? 90% of items in the store have been trash. As of right now the better items are in the ToD

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Really DD MAC is in the ToD? Bring on the grind!!


Your both right, they both have sh*t



Personially I think the ToD has better stuff so far. Not much though. The team chrome skins look good as do the Rock team skins. As far as character skins I tihnk Scarred JD is the best thing so far.

They did. Epic ■■■■■■ up way back on Gears 2. Series is finally back on track after the stepping stone of Gears 4. :+1:

I actually disagree here. Well, not about Epic but the idea that Gears 5 is a step in the right direction. Gears 4 had great mechanics for PvP but it was inconsistent. The minimal aim assist, rifle meta and true Gnasher skill plus wall bouncing created a much higher skill gap than Gears 5.

It’s a telling sign when the majority of my Diamond buddies on Gears 4 can’t stand Gears 5 but my Silver friends from Gears 4 are loving Gears 5. I was stoked for Gears 5 but after dealing with this broken game for a week I stopped caring. Every time I boot it back up, which is like once a week, it’s the same broken nonsense I experienced the week before. When I go back to Gears 4 it’s much better which is sad because there was a lot wrong with that game.


I don’t understand what you mean by “broke”.

I do not deny that I have 1 huge issue resolved for me that makes me extremely happy over every gears since og gears 1. I have a superb internet connection. One would say OCD levels of meticulous detail to ensure the most consistent connection possible.
I finally don’t feel punished for having it. All the mixed pings since launch haven’t affected me one bit. As a matter of fact, I get the most evil grin when I get our Spanish brethren are in lobbies now, because it’s been payback time and I’m loving it. Are there issue? Sure. But this is what gears needs to move forward. They absolutely need to address that aim assist and they are. I moved to kb/m on console and I am even stuck with aim assist on beginner modes on mouse.

About gear 2. No one understands how broke a gears game can be unless you was there for gears 2 dreadful release. It took some major patches that first month before the mp even functioned correctly. The gnasher shot the damn floor when you shot straight. Lol. Gears 5 has got bugs. Like, hella bugs. Like crazy amount of bugs. Lol. But the core and fundamental gameplay from guns to new and smoother animations are just stellar and is the most accurate gears to date. When they get it ironed out, …and they will, this will be the best by far, imo.

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The hit detection is terrible even when my ping is 19ms and every enemy is below 60ms.

While rare to see them a high fluctuation player will still destroy a lobby. This is something @GhostofDelta2 has seen in matches with me and noticed himself too.

The aim assist is unacceptably high and needs a major nerf.

For whatever reason I’m able to be headshot through cover more often than should be possible. We’re not talking short cover or angled shots. We’re talking blatant shots through walls which makes me wonder where does the game think I’ve been for the last 3 seconds?

Basically there is a major consistency issue in this game. When I get a full pellet spread on an enemy and the servers register it as 0% there’s a major disconnect here. Online gaming isn’t perfect but it shouldn’t be this bad. I have a superb internet connection myself (100% Fiber, hard wired and much faster than any game will use with 0% packet loss) so the issues are more frustrating than ever.

That’s odd because I believe we are in the same state, so you’d think our experience online would be similar. Pass the launch week server issues and the couple updates that interrupted servers, it’s been really great for me. I’m well into almost 4 days played, with only 9hr of that being campaign, so all online.
Hit detection has been great for me. I’m not running into anything that isnt typical of every online shooter, except that silver surfer. Lol.
The damage indicator after you get killed definitely has bugs. I’ve seen it say nothing, and then before the replay is over pop up what damage I did. I think it’s more an indicator bug than hits not registering because you can clearly see they are, just missed by a few %.

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I used to have Xfinity which had issues on Gears 4 with lag but that was normal for any ISP.

I’m using Metronet now because it’s 100% Fiber and only Gears has issues with it. Every other game runs pretty much the way you’d expect.

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Yea. Central. I have Mediacom gigabit but use my own Arris docsis 3.1 modem and Asus router on X1X using a Samsung SSD external drive. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s already magnitudes better than gears 4 ever was for me online, especially against high sporadic pingers. My ping is usual around 12-15ms if hitting home server.
I’m don’t know your setup, but have you ever tried going straight from a modem to xbox and bypassing any router? Sometimes that’s not possible due to proprietary combo units.

The only problem that I’ve found is that most people just don’t know how to play.

This game takes a bit of effort to learn. Especially horde.

Most players jump into horde not knowing at all wtf they are supposed to be doing.

This version of horde is not a “just kill things and survive” situation. Everyone has to know their role and play according to what character they are using or the team won’t get far in the higher levels.

What I think is that players try it with absolutely no idea of how to play, don’t get very far, don’t bother on figuring out how to play, Then they come here and cry about wanting gears 3 again because they are just too lazy to learn something new.

I’m guessing these are people that never really got math in High School.

IMO this is by far the best version of Horde to date. Not even close to Gears 3 where when you get to the point that somebody gets the silver back (never me btw) and the rest of us become spectators watching that person get all the kills. Then the silver back is destroyed and game over.

Or… set up the hammer of dawn so other players use it to get 7 or 8 kills to start the level.

Did nobody have any complaints about Gears 3 Horde? I sure as hell did. And I guarantee I played it alot more than almost everyone here.

I’m a huge Gears 3 fan. HELL I’m a HUGE GOW fan, and anyone that doesn’t love Gears 5 IMO is just a lazy cry baby that wants an easy, non thinking, brain dead version of Gears that they can dance through with no effort at all.

Stop crying about the pay stuff. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

In the words of Kait in a Horde.match… “C’mon ya big cry baby!!”

Where are all of the cool people I used to play Gears with?

Oh yeah… they’re playing Gears 5 and having fun just like I am. Not here crying like babies.