Can't select difficulty in Horde or Escape (Main)

Just noticed when hosting Private or Public Horde or Escape I cannot select the difficulty. I’ve completed powered down my Xbox and restarted the game to no avail.

If I go ahead and start the match, the difficulty is random on different maps. Did I miss a post by TC saying this was going to happen?

Am I the only one this is happening to?


You’re not the only one. Been happening off and on for a couple of days now. There isn’t anything you can do on your end except wait it out.

Thanks, I haven’t noticed any posts prior in the forums about this unless I completely missed them.

There wasn’t anything in the forums, but there was a post on reddit. It didn’t get much attention because it didn’t last very long. Hopefully it sorts itself out soon.

Maybe it is on the fritz because of the XP modifier fix they are supposedly implementing today?

Same thing here

Interesting. We played an Elite horde last night, it was what we wanted, BUT I think the settings were left over from the last time we played (same map, same modifiers, same host, didn’t try to change anything… )

We didn’t try to set a diff level on a different map, maybe that would have ‘failed’…

This just started happening for me today as well and error code at match results.

i have the same promblem since today
and an other problem cant join lobbys
finished inconceivable horde didnt got the xp
and on wave 45 game crashed again

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I have been experiencing this too.

Very frustrating.

Well one thing is for sure @the-coalition is consistent! I never knew you could make money for ruining a game each time you touch it. This company is an absolute joke! Microsoft is just as bad for keeping this team around! Since gears 4 look at all the stuff they’ve messed up or even ruined it’s unbelievable. They spend more time correcting their mistakes to a mistake than anything else. I was hoping they would come around and get Gears back to where it should be but after this latest and long list of stunts, not going to happen.

If Gears even makes it to Doom and Halo they will be lucky! As soon as these games get release Gears will be pretty much non-existent.

@TC_Clown @N0DEZER0


Hey, at least they got XP lowered for all high difficulty game modes… Wasn’t that what the player base wanted?

;Irony off

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Same Problem since today! And even worth. Finished the Hive on master (i was not Host), it was the last difficulty I needed for the achievement. IT still is on 87% and seriously didn’t went up either. I really hope that ■■■■ didn’t bug this achievements

I have a big problem. Today I was going for master on The Hive. I was not Host. This was the last difficulty I needed for the achievement “master of my Domain”. We finished it, but the chievo is still on 87%. But the worst Thing is, when I am host I don’t See any difficulty to choose. On No map!
IT IS even on Horde too! No difficulties I could choose. Yesterday everything was fine.
Already deleted local saved data, hard reset… Nothing helps.
Please TC fix this.
I even need this working for my seriously achievement. Btw. Master Hive didn’t count for that aswell.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I have had this bug for a few days.

Is there a reliable way to fix it?

The past couple of days the servers were down with gears 5. I know that’s a shock with this game/company lol! On a serious note wonder if you logged on during this time frame. Today it’s been good.

Totally aware of the server issues but it’s not that - they’re (mostly) fixed now I believe.

Here is a screenshot from 10 seconds ago - difficulty is just not there and I can’t change it:

[EDIT] I have tried the fix suggested here (joining friend lobby whose difficulty DOES work, then they transfer lobby to you) but that didn’t work. [/EDIT]

Any help with fixing this would be much appreciated.

Sorry to see that. Hopefully one of the regular guys on the forum will pop in the thread and know.

@Ektope @GhostofDelta2

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Only workaround I know of is the one mentioned above.

Thanks anyway @GhostofDelta2.

For anyone reading that has the same issue right now, I did manage to get it resolved via a convoluted process.

I restarted my PC to see if that would help, but then I couldn’t launch the game at all due to a Failed to open descriptor file …… GearGame/GearGame.uproject error. I was able to launch the game after following the solution provided in that thread, but the difficulty bug persisted.

I tried to “reset” and “repair” the game (In Windows 10, Start Menu > Settings > Apps > Apps and Features > Gears 5 > Advanced Options > Reset (and Repair))

But this made it so I couldn’t even launch the game - not even an error message.

I went to the MS Store and searched for Gears 5 - instead of seeing “Play”, I saw “Install”. I clicked install which began a 39GB download.

Some hours later the download completed, the game launched, but needed to install multiplayer files. Some time later I was able to go into Horde - AND THE DIFFICULTIES WERE VISIBLE AGAIN!

I hope this helps someone.

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I am glad you managed to get it resolved, and hopefully your helpful posting of the steps you took will be able to help others in future :slight_smile:

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