Can't see any messages

Basically me and my team were playing together - there was four of us and I was the host in horde…

Apparently the random in the game was spamming messages on chat and I couldn’t see anything on my screen. According to my team he was spamming “Just stop oil” over and over again. However, I couldn’t see anything on my TV screen.

My friend did send me a screenshot and it did turn out he/she was spamming messages, absolute weirdo. At first, I kind of felt sorry for him/her because I didn’t see anything but after seeing the screenshot it was a relief. What a weirdo.

Does that mean he has blocked me? Hence, why I couldn’t see the messages.

Or I’m missing something?

Edit: Also, the random was playing good (as infiltrator), so it was even hard to tell if he/she was spamming messages lol.

Please help. Thank you

Is your in game chat turned on?
If not, turn it on.
If so, it could just be glitched.

My chat is always on

Gotta always rule out the obvious causes. It could just be glitched an a restart may be needed.

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If you muted them in the lobby you wont see them.

However game chat just glitches a lot too and doesnt work.

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It’s possible that either you or he/she has blocked or muted the other. I sometimes accidentally do this during the game when the scoreboard pops up.


I block amd mute everyone in every lobby regardless of game mode. It didn’t seem to affect the text chat back when I did have it enabled so its possible it’s just buggy.

Invites were going to my computer but not my game console. I had to restart xbox