Can't Redeem Rockstar Codes?

So I’ve got four cans and I entered all the codes on the Rockstar website everything is smooth sailing but when I got to the “My Stuff” Tab is ask me to sign into my Xbox Live Account. I sign in and it says “An unknown error occurred. Please try again.” It’s been happening for like 3 weeks. What do I do to fix this? I literally can’t redeem any of my items in-game.

Contact rockstar support.

Did that work for you?

Try a different browser?

No sadly, I’ve had my own issues with walmart and rockstar, still trying to get it sorted out.

Posting here on the forums will get you no where though.

I see. I figured it out myself accidentally :confused:

Did you fix this issue eventually? I have the same issue regardless of which browser I’m using and despite the different errors suggesting things to fix it.