Can't play to the campaign with a friend online

I’m having an odd issue. I’m trying to play the campaign with my friend, and everytime he launch the game, the game load, and then kick me out saying… Network issue… I tried to be the host, and same thing happen, but for him instead… Does anyone know what’s causing the issue?

Thanks, from a desperate fellow who wants to complete the game for the first time!

It’s a sign. Don’t waste your time on the Campaign.

(I have no idea. Is your NAT Open? Have you done the necessary resets?)

I saw a post on Microsoft and they respond with a lot of stuff to do in case it’s doesn’t work… Like, reset the network, reser de mac address, remove and reads my account, cleary local cache stuff… And nothing work

Damn. Then I’ve no idea I’m afraid, hopefully you find the solution or someone who’s experienced the issue who can advise further.



Maybe :thinking:


Try it as an open game and see if he can join your lobby.

:joy: That’s certainly optimistic!

You think THAT’S optimistic? Try this on for size


Ew. That’s disgusting on so many levels.

Don’t even joke about that cretin.

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Ffs why dont you ask cliffy b?

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We can accomplish this. But only as a community. We need to get an old boombox and align oursleves around it in a circle doing pushups while blasting Eminem’s “Lose yourself”. Then he will,be summoned and guide Gears of War back to its former glory.

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Think this is asking a bit much…

Yeah, thanks, I’ll be staying right here in my man cave, also known as the bedroom.

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You are missing out on absolutely nothing :3

Do you want guidance from our lord and savior or not? Sacrifices must be made! Besides I have faith the gears community can do pushups. Except @Buster_McTunder he can do those half-a** knee pushups

Dont think @GhostofDelta2 would have the patience!!

If by “to its former glory” you mean “directly down the :poop:er“ then LET THE RITUAL BEGIN!

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Hmm. I’ll hold the old boom box so it doesn’t topple on the ground and malfunction.

That way I can also provide degrading motivational speeches incase any of you get lazy.

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He is very adept at sinking games.

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Lazy or not I expect those from you regardless