can't play the story mod of gears of war UE

shame on the coalition for making a game and letting it rot like this and ignoring its fan community for several years you promised to make a patch for the game after the release of gears 5
but finally instead of finding a solution you deleted my topic so shame on you.
be nice to us and try to make a fix
like studio techland does for dying light

Oh? Doth mine eyes deceive me?:

Your numerous and unnecessary duplicate topics are still here. You’ve even had several replies. Continual topics of the exact same issue won’t get the attention of TC, just the attention of Moderators and regulars.

Neither will benefit you.

Use TC’s ticket system to get in touch with them directly.

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What he said ^

there is another topic with 3000 replies and includes replies of Moderators this one was deleted
and yes i will create another topic for this juste because i love this game
but why do you say useless this forum is created for that and for the player I have a problem so I post until I find a solution
despite your answer which provokes a little. i thank you anyway for your help about the [TC’s ticket system]

What he said ^^