Can't play the campaign

Can’t save the campaign. Keeps reverting me to some save after the “Lab mission”. Playing on x-box one, have live, and have a secure connection, I have reinstalled the game and blah blah blah. I followed the “help team’s” advice. The “help team” responded to my conundrum by just saying a “fix is incoming” and won’t respond after that single, strange response. Terrible customer service. Again, I have just lost a seemingly random amount of data, it didn’t send me back to the beginning, but I can no longer save past a CERTAIN POINT.

-Why can’t I save my campaign?

I take it the problem lies with your current save. Might have to start over? :thinking:

Thanks @ Martijn2016. I should restart the campaign to confirm that it’s not an error in my current play-through. This experience makes me hesitant to do that as I was losing data all through playing this game, but that seems like the only solution.