Can't play offline?

I recently moved and like everyone that moves, I don’t have internet.

I hooked up my Xbox so I could play a little bit and the game won’t even allow me to play with bots. I remember back in the day not having internet and being able to play GoW2 offline. Why can’t this be a thing for 5?

Probably not going to happen since you aren’t going to be supporting this title soon. So, I hope for Gears 6 you consider allowing complete offline play.


Probably wont happen, gears 4 had the same problem.

That’s basically what I said and followed with adding it to G6.

I meant it being added to gears 6, far too much is done by the servers.

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You can still play with bots offline in LAN mode however for some dumb reason ever since operation 5 they took away the ability to customize your character when playing offline.


If I had to guess it was because before the new operation started some people had access to some of the new skins and would post these “leaks” on reddit and stuff.

I find that hard to believe since even to this day pc players can still leak stuff.

Its probably just harder now, however its just speculation, TC loves to change things with zero explination and for no reason.

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TC and it’s constantly “transparency”. In how they managed the game is hard to support them in future titles. Not only there’s serious issues like others mentioned, not able to access to the content you already earned/paid offline in versus.

Also gameplay issues like ghost melee, connection issues, and recently again the gw502 error randomly in a horde match, not to mention other flaw designs like if you put a class system for pve but you allow everyone can do crap like non engineers building, tank classes playing as engineer, snipers using explosive and heavy weapons, instead of teach them the potential of use the class in different ways but according with their role, like Brawler being both melee or shooting flame rounds or using a an flamethrower is better than just hiding like rat, building when he isn’t an engineer and wasting the potential of the class can offer.

And finally Horde since gears of war 4 we can’t also play offline, I expect the same and worst in gears 6 plus more insane grinding which I don’t want to afford.

Ya you can play offline campaign and lan versus bots on any map. But like they said after op5 you can’t even have access to ur character and weapon skins while offline. I’ve been asking for them to fix that with no response of course. But you can def still play offline in versus lan.

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