Can't play Hivebusters PC (Says not installed)

Can’t seem to find anything on this, if there is already a post about this my bad, but I’ve been trying to play hivebusters for a couple days and can’t get it to let me. I installed it through the microsoft store and in game, the install manager says campaign dlc is installed, but when I go into the campaign menu it says it’s not installed and prompts me with an “install now” button… Which does nothing when pressed.

I have tried uninstalling the dlc from the installation manager (crashes the game but says it’s uninstalled when I reboot it), uninstalled and reinstalled Gears itself, did the wsreset command and just reinstalled the dlc again with no luck. Sometimes when I boot the game up if I’m fast enough I can get to the save slot menu but then it says I need to install the dlc. At a loss.

Specs (not sure if this matters):
GPU: EVGA 3080
CPU: intel 10900k
RAM: 32gb

Edit: I am also running the game through the microsoft store version not the steam version, I own both Gears 5 and payed for the dlc I am not using game pass.

The funny thing about this DLC is that you download it first but can only install it with the game open. You must go to campaign / DLC and install from there, there is no other option.

The same happened to me on console but worked after a reboot.

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Yeah I tried installing it in game too but it says it’s not installed and the in game install manager says it is installed, uninstalling crashes the game but it is apparently uninstalled after I boot the game back up , I can reinstall it again after uninstalling from in game but it still says it’s not when I try to play

Microsoft Store is pure crap, sad you have this issue. I never recommend on use it .

Yeah I bought the game before it got put on steam I wish I could transfer to steam without having to pay for the game again

Did you ever find a solution to this>? I’m having the same exact issue, very frustrating…

Yup I’m having the same issue. When I go to campaign and to Hivebusters it says not installed. Hitting X to install doesn’t do anything. And in options it says everything is installed. Very strange.

Only solution I found was to reinstall the whole game…

Think it had something to do with gamepass running out.

Unfortunately not I finally got a response from the support ticket I sent in but they were just asking if I still had the issue post-update. Will post a fix in here if I find one.

@OldMonkeyNuts Even after reinstalling multiple times I am still having the issue.

@HydroLion4631 Yeah it’s really weird glad to see I’m not the only person with this issue!

Sorry to hear that. Good luck!

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After a while of trying to get this working I gave up on trying to fix it and bought the game and DLC on Steam and can confirm it worked on Steam but still does not on the Microsoft Store so for anyone having this issue on the Microsoft Store it looks like you will have to buy the game on Steam to play the dlc.

This is also assuming you have already tried a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game.

Had same issue my friends. Uninstall the whole game and install it on the same disk/partition that Windows is installed. This worked for me. Or maybe i had base game in different place than dlc? Not sure, not important right now, cause i’m finally playing Hivebusters.