Can't play Gears 4 Private Horde WITHOUT XBOX LIVE GOLD


Could someone either from Microsoft or The Coalition please tell me why I can’t play private Horde Mode oN Gears of War 4. I purchased the GEARS OF WAR 4 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION so OWN ALL THE MAPS. To break it down, I OWN Gears of War 4, I OWN all of the maps within the game, I OWN my console but because I no longer have XBOX LIVE GOLD I can’t PLAY PRIVATE HORDE. This stink as a SCAM. Is there a way around this. Like I said, I OWN EVERYTHING except XBOX LIVE GOLD, but because of that I AM UNABLE TO PLAY ‘PRIVATE HORDE’. SORT IT OUT!!!

It’s not a scam. It’s not possible to play horde without internet connection and xbox live gold membership. It never said you could play them offline without internet connection. Or that you didn’t need xbox live gold membership.

I think the campaign is basically the only thing you can play while offline.

It definitely sucks and I really dislike this shift in gaming that everything has to be done while you’re online. I hope GOW5 won’t be like this.

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I thought that part of the reason Gears 4 Horde was not playable offline was because it used some form of cloud processing for enemies? Not that I know how that would play into it.

If you don’t have a Gold membership though, at least just let the game run on host connection if it can’t be played offline…?

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I don’t know the technicalities. It’s probably been answered before. I’ll have to ask this question next time they do one of those Developer’s Streams. I recall previously iterations of Horde could be played private and offline. This is the first one that can’t.

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Exactly. I own all the maps which has taken a good chunk out of my HDD so why can’t I play private Horde. You could in Gears of War 3. This really stinks as when the servers are turned off I’ll not be able to play if I so desired.

I stand to be corrected but I think it has something to do with how they did progression in this game. Since you earn in game currency for Horde and Versus and at the same time neither are available offline. Could be that they wanted to avoid exploits but I do find it annoying as I’m from South Africa so Whenever I play Horde on Gears 4 I have a laggy connection (100mb/s line and I average at 150 ping simply because we don’t have servers/Europe’s servers are the nearest) as where in Gears 3 I could play local and not have to deal with this delay