Cant pick up Nades bug!?

Im in ranked and suddenly im on way to pick up a nade. That i lost,after i got killed.
And of course it wont let me pick up the D###n! Nade!
I try and try and try,and nope. It wont let me pick it up. Il upload a video 2 show u.

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Like everything else in Gears I’m betting the lag caused this. I had a weird Grenade issue today too but it wasn’t like yours. I picked up grenades but never actually had them in my hand. The enemy shot me with one bullet if a Lancer and the grenades I had backpacked exploded and it said he killed me with a grenade. Yes, my grenades killed me. I tried to record it and it said Clip Recorded but of course every time something really strange happens it is no where to be found. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: I should clarify that my first statement is directed at your video. This weekend has been extremely bad for lag that I’ve had issues picking up weapons myself.


Occasionally, a weapon will glitch and you can’t pick it up. Happens far more often in Horde, but I’ve seen it happen in VS too. I recall a match where opponents kept trying to pickup a glitched weapon and we kept shooting them down until they finally realized what was going on. Cheap, I know.