Cant pick horde character

Gears veteran here. Dropped out of this failed experiment of a Gears game shortly after launch. Decided since Im all out of paint to watch dry, Id come back and see what massive bandages have been applied.

Trying to play a couple horde matches but the game wont let me be Onyx Guard and keeps making me be Franken-Haircut Kait right before launch. Is Onyx Guard supported in horde or what. Dude cost credits…

The classes will be coupled from character from Nov 17th.

Then you can play as who you want :slight_smile:

Edit: I assume this is what you are asking about.


Ah. Ok I found what Im looking for. Didnt realize you cant be duplicates and someone else must have been onyx guard.

Glad to hear this is being corrected.

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Classes may still have a limit, but you could have 5 Onyx Guards from next Operation :slight_smile:


Gotcha. Surprised they went down such a complicated route with this one. But Ill give credit for the ongoing updates. Thanks again.

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