Can't mark enemies or items bug

Bought the ultimate edition and played through the campaign, enjoyed them bugs. So throughout the campaign I suddenly lost the ability to mark anything, be it single playeror coop. So gameplay ain’t too broken and you can keep playing. After about 30 minutes of gameplay, if I press the xbox button to check the time and go back to Gears 5, I won’t be able to use the controller whatsoever and the game will crash.

Has anybody had this happen too them? As I haven’t seen it mentioned on here yet


I can’t mark either

Same here. Was playing the campaign when I noticed I couldn’t mark enemies or items. I hard restarted the Xbox and the game multiple times; didn’t work.

I found out if I swap profiles, I can mark with THAT profile. It’s not the controller, it’s Gears of War.

I can’t mark in multiplayer. It was working the first few days then stopped working. I tried multiple controllers. The funny thing is if you change the controller layout to the right stick you can mark enemies. The big has to do with the left joystick. I can’t crouch either

I finally found a fix. I played level 1 of Campaign, got to the part where you come out of the sewer, and it told me what buttons to press when marking an enemy. It says to AIM and press A (which is total bull, the controller scheme clearly says to press Left Stick). My controller settings are on default, so it makes absolutely no sense.
Now I can be a team player again!!

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Happened way too often for me. The controller lockouts, I mean.

So you aim and then press A. That doesn’t make sense. I swear I was pressing in the left joystick earlier in the week. I’ll have to try that and see what happens.

Yeah, funny thing is if I’m not behind cover, I’ll roll forward and Mark the target at the same time. I recommend playing level 1 of Campaign and the game will tell you what buttons to press.

I swapped profiles and it’s left stick on that one, but my profile is A. Super weird. gg Gears, well played, Game of the Year.

Someone figured it out. It a the controller layout in settings. You can swap buttons for some reason. Not sure why you would want to change all the buttons around. So left stick could be the B button or whatever you want it. It’s the last setting under settings. Mine was changed somehow just for the left joystick.

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this is exactly what is happining… in my case, the game switched the left stick and the right d-pad to the A button… I couldnt crouch, mark and my character keep switching weapons and even throwing the left weapon away!

Hi y’all! I got the ult edition from game pass on Xbox and I haven’t been able to mark at all, strange thing is anyone else who plays on my console can… I wanted to play jd too smh

Got this too I take it no word from TC as usual???

Check controller mapping under settings. Make sure it’s correct. People have reported that it changes automatically

Not gonna lie it switches on its own but you can switch it back to the left stick …/options/control remapping/left stick/Aor B change/ then press left stick. Trust me it works but its really bad how the setup is shown…your welcome


I just bought a new controller today because I thought my L stick was broken. Still had the issue so I came here and saw all this. The button somehow remapped itself on my settings to A. I never did it. Wtf.

Sorta related to this topic, can anyone tell me why in GoW 4 you can mark a random spot that shows the same symbol but in blue? I was wondering if it’s a way to tell a squad mate to take cover there, but if so there must be a way to designate which one goes there. Since the thread title states “enemies or items”, I figured someone here must know. I get the feeling this is a MP only thing to let your fellow players know where good items or cover spots are, but if so, why am I seeing such markers in the campaign?

You are beautiful. I also think it may occur when a player is active in a match and somehow the menu comes up (for example in a private math when the host pauses). Rapid tapping of a might reset the controller to the new layout.

Gonna have to investigate this. We want character variation and they give us marking variation that we can’t use. I’ve not been able to mark enemies for months. What they’ve done with the controller layout and settings is shambolic.

Go into the control menu, Mine had gotten switch from my stick somehow. Happened to me a few weeks ago.

I will check thanks. But there is no way a game should be able to randomly remap itself without specific input from the player within the settings menu, including a “confirm changes” request.

Yup my L stick had mapped itself to B. No idea how. I would have thought that restoring default scheme without needing to go into remapping would fix this.

Thanks for the help.