Cant join games /maxed out cards duplicates

it takes forever to join a game while the games IS NOT FULL pressed again than it says you have been disconnectic from gears server etc etc
i got over 400+ duplicates or more on maxed out cards why cant we scrap them
and lizzie is when i used the silverback and didnt got hit it gets on fire ?

I think there is a real time delay in the custom lobbies listing that means the amount of people showing in a lobby is incorrect (hopefully they can speed this replication up, as pressing x to refresh makes no difference)

Indeed the duplicate cards being unscrapable is annoying, The Devs have hinted towards a lvl 6 skill card being added later down the line, (wish we could just scap now and work to that level once its added), they have also stated that they thought people leevlled up too fast in Gears 4 - so make of that what you will.

Can you expand on our Lizzy comment please?

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