Can't join any game on custom game horde

anyone having problems with gears 5 custum game join?

i tried every game in my list (3 pages) and always get errors like: game doesn’t exist, not enough room, not connected to online services, game is full.


Happened to me a couple times last night. I was able to get in by joining a game in progress. It should tell you what wave they’re on. Good luck.

i joined a horde match where they were on wave 12.

but i prefer to join a game in the lobby

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What happens if you host the game?

I’ve had this problem as well Op,this past week,I kept using x button to refresh,but it was very strange,(I did put up a thread (Foosniper,helped me by saying the same thing)Today I’ve had no issues,been on elite/experienced,

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For me I’ve had the problem since launch. It seems to only be lobbies that are 4/5. I’ll try to join and it just says there’s not enough slots. I’m 1 player and there’s 1 slot. :man_shrugging:


I always got “not enough room for your squad” whenever I search but I play solo 90 percent of the time


i don’t like to be host.

it gives me a responsible feeling what happens in the game if it fails.

It’s a game man, not a management of a nuclear reactor, its fine to be a host and failing at some point… just have fun :smile:

You need to restart game. I get this a lot. Anything thing with connection. Try hosting a match, if you get error code restart.

I get the impression that the custom lobby browser doesn’t properly refresh the status of custom games. It’ll add new games to the list, but old ones that are long since filled or ended will persist for a while for some reason - so you keep getting annoying errors.

I basically stopped trying to join 4/5 games for this reason, because there’s like a 97% chance it filled up 30 seconds ago, and you’re just gonna get an error. Much easier to seek out 3/5 and 2/5 games, which will generally fill up quickly after you join anyway.

I suppose the other possibility is that it doesn’t properly update to 5/5 until all five players are loaded into the level, so if someone joins a game in progress and is sitting in the lobby loading, the game is technically full, but the browser doesn’t see it yet. If that makes sense.

It is indeed very annoying though, and I’d like them to fix it. Know what else I’d like? For matchmade games to get added to the lobby browser after they start, so if people drop, you can actually fill those slots.


Yeah same as me.
I’ve had the problem most days since launch. I can’t join 99% of lobbies with 4 people. So I usually have to join with 3 or less.

I find that the game details shown in the table lag. For example, game was listed as being in wave 12. I joined and found wave 50 just starting. Try refreshing the list with X button.

Your not alone m8, same here, I sometimes join a game though but get kicked out after doing 1 or 2 waves

Thank you my friend,it makes sense now,by explaining what is happening,hoping TC can make your idea for match made games too

problem is still the same. i join games where there are 2 free spots. also what TC can do is to let you see which characters are taken

Yeah… I have regularly the same problem… It’s a real bad thing.