Can't install GoW4 PC Error Code 0x80d02017

I had GoW4 installed before, I deleted it and now I’m unable to redownload it. I’ve done every troubleshooting step I could find despite none of them actually seeming to fit my issue because I can download other games, just not Gow4.

I think it’s a licensing issue, but I don’t know how to test that. Is there anyone else whose had trouble installing GoW4 on PC recently? There’s a minuscule chance that it isn’t a problem exclusive to me.

I will give it a shot and see if I have the same issue.

Gears 1 on PC had an issue that made it impossible for all (legit) users to play at one stage so at the very least can see if its an everyone issue or something more limited

Edit: I live in Australia so may take me roughly a year to download it.


My download doesn’t even start — I click download and 5-10 seconds later it gives an error, and that’s the error code. If yours is even at 2% its ahead of mine.

Its at 4% so yes definitely starts

alright looks like im not playing gow4 any time soon.

I remember this happening to people a few times and downloading a random game from the windows store would fix it.

I havent heard that particular issue mentioned for a few years so didn’t initially think of it

alright say no more Raid: Shadow Legends downloading as we speak.

Never heard of it.

it’s a meme game

I was joking, seen many, many ads for it from pretty much anyone with a youtube channel

uninstalled raid shadow legends as im 99% sure installation puts me in some sort of botnet, downloaded roblox instead, retried GoW4 and got the same error.

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I can’t help at all but I love taking digs at AU.

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I believe you have mistaken another movie for a documentary

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Did you try Ctrl+P ?

I fixed it by installing windows 11 while trying to fix something else. 10/10 experience — windows 11 sucks btw.

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